Stadium Seats and Shade

Isn’t it funny how we forget how grateful we are for something till we don’t have it anymore?  That seems to be the case with a lot of things…and tonight it was the case for Stadium seats and Shade!

When we packed for our trip last week, we took a lot of stuff out of the trunk to make room for all our luggage.  Both of my camping chairs were pulled out of the car and I didn’t remember until after I had left to go out to see my Mom today.  Monday’s are my day to spend some time with my Mom.  My husband is still playing softball on Monday nights and very often, he will leave early to go visit his parents before the game since they live fairly close to the ball park.  Depending on both of our schedules, we sometimes just meet at the ball park instead of going together.  Today was one of those days.

I realized about 20 minutes after I had left that the chairs weren’t in the car.  By the time I remembered and called home to tell him to bring them, he had already left for his parents house.  So…. tonight at the ball games…. (and yes…. that’s multiple games) … I had no chair.  The softball complex he plays at has large concrete stands in the middle with 4 diamonds surrounding it.

I guess I shouldn't be complaining..... at least the concrete stands are better than this option!

They are essentially just very large and very wide stairs made from concrete (which retain the heat, by the way!).  Not the most comfortable thing to try and lean against.  My back fairs much better at the games if I have either my camping chair with me or a stadium seat with a back on it.  Tonight I had neither.  From 6 pm till almost 10 pm.  Way too long to be without a seat with a back!  It made me realize how grateful I am when I have one!

The first ballgame he played in was on the semi-shady side of the complex.  At least you could pretty much sit in the shade which I was grateful for since it was 95 degrees outside at 6 pm!  Unfortunately…. the next ballgame was moved to the other side of the complex which happens to be the sunny side!  It was still plenty hot with very little shade to try and share.  Our poor puppy dog was getting overheated and did his best to find some shade.  Again…. it made me grateful that the first game was at least in the shade!  As the night wore on…. it got cloudy and a little windy.  By the time his 3rd game rolled around, it was quite pleasant.

At least the whole night was not hot and sunny….. but the whole night was without a chair with some support!  I can guarantee those are getting loaded back in my car tomorrow!  I still have several weeks of ballgames ahead of me and I want to be comfortable watching them!  As the weather cools off for the season…. I won’t worry so much about the shade…. just my seat!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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