That’s Not the Way I Planned It!

How often do you get an ‘Aha’ moment?  Sometimes they come at times when you weren’t planning it.  Sometimes we need to be knocked off our pedestals to recognize we need to wake up.  Particularly when we didn’t think we were on a pedestal.

I don’t know about you….. but I thought I had things all figured out when I was young.  I knew just exactly how my life was suppose to go.  I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in Utah…. so I lived in fairly ‘protected’ surroundings.  I guess you could say that I wasn’t really aware of the ‘big bad world’ out there.  Utah wasn’t a real radical place to live.  I guess it’s referred to as living a ‘sheltered’ life.  I actually don’t regret that.  I’m grateful for it.  Some people may see that as having missed out on a lot….. but I don’t think I did.  I was perfectly happy in my surroundings with my friends and family.  I had a great support system and everything I needed.

I always had plans to grow up, maybe get a little schooling, find a great guy, get married, have wonderful kids and have them repeat the process.  But life doesn’t always go the way you planned it.  At least that’s what it can seem like sometimes.  Oh….. don’t get me wrong…. I did all of the above mentioned planned things except for the kids repeating the process part.  Oh, it’s not that they aren’t ‘working’ on it.  It’s just not like I imagined.

I guess what I have to realize is that I can’t imagine their life for them, can I?  That’s their job.  And you know what?  That’s OK.  I’m learning that it doesn’t matter if they don’t do things the way I thought they should cause you know what?  I still love them anyway! NO matter what!  I have terrific kids!  They are wonderful people…. no matter what or where they are in life.  I think even they sometimes think things aren’t quite the way they planned them!  But they are working on it.  I guess that’s all part of the learning process.

I’m just grateful for some real awakening knowledge today that it doesn’t matter if things don’t go quite the way I planned them!  They aren’t my plans to plan, and I’m realizing that it doesn’t matter.  I can be happy and supportive with their plans!  Life is all about choices…. and I choose to be happy and supportive and excited at any step of their life!  Plan B is looking pretty dang good right now!  Let’s get this party started!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


3 Replies to “That’s Not the Way I Planned It!”

  1. Wanda my love, it seems that for me, Plan B sometimes works out better. What do they say, We make plans while God is laughing because he already knows the outcome. I too had a Plan A but I am finding Plan B is working out fairly well. So I guess maybe Plan B is what was meant to be. I love you and I love this blog.

    Miss Lyn

  2. My friend….. it is YOU who was very instrumental in helping me get off my high horse here. I think I had started to, but you kick my *-* and made me! I love your guts and appreciate you more than you know. I know our paths were meant to cross for many profound reasons! Thanks for being my friend!

  3. It’s funny how things come into your life that relate to your thoughts….. that’s all part of manifesting! I thought it was interesting that I received an email today that contained information that related to this blog post….. at least it made sense to me.

    This is from a weekly newsletter I get from Teresa Romain called Access Abundance! :

    “Suddenly I realized how often I judge the merit of a certain action or the effectiveness of it by the “immediate splash” it makes instead of the long-lasting ripples it creates in my life and in the lives of others. And this week I understood more clearly that – while I have no way of knowing what the Ripple Effect of the actions I take might be – they will and do have a Ripple Effect.

    And part of that Ripple Effect is influenced by the energy with which I take (or don’t take) a particular action. The same action taken from a place of fear or desperation or resentment will have a different Ripple Effect than if it were taken in a spirit of gratitude, clarity, commitment, generosity or creativity.”

    This goes in conjunction with some good advice I got from a friend about how I reacted to my situation was going to have long term effect on my relationship with that person. Hence…. the ripple effect playing out…. “the long lasting ripples it creates in my life and the life of others”

    Things are starting to sink in. It’s a shame we are as slow as we are sometimes!

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