It’s Spooky Time Again!

I love Holidays!  This time of year begins 3 months of solid Holiday decor around my house.  Starting, of course, with Halloween!  Next to Christmas….. Halloween is the one Holiday that I have a LOT of decor for!  And I could still use more!  My husband would strongly disagree with this statement….

My Halloween Twig Tree!

I love the feel that setting up Fall decorations brings.  The weather starts to cool down, the leaves start to change color and soon it will be time to put on a pot of soup!  LOVE homemade soup!

I finally got all my Halloween/Fall decor up yesterday.  My favorite Halloween decor I have is my Halloween tree!  Several years ago I lucked into finding the cutest little twig tree.  I believe I got it at Taiwan Imports.  It’s just a plain little tree that pretty much looks like twigs….. but add the orange colored lights, fall ribbon, imitation gourds, Pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts, witches, and spiders…. and you have a Halloween Tree!  So much fun!

Soon it will be time to transform my Halloween tree to a Thanksgiving tree… I just remove the witches, spiders and ghosts… and add a few more really long legged scarecrows…. and Voila!  It doesn’t take much to make the rest of the house turn into Thanksgiving decor too.   Switching out imitation carved pumpkins for turkeys and pilgrims and we’re ready to go!  The worse part about all of it right now is that I won’t be around much the next few weeks to enjoy the Halloween decor!  But it’s all good!  I’ll be having a great time and I’ll be back when it counts!

The fun part of Halloween, for most people, is the trick or treating.  Well…. I don’t get many trick or treaters at my house.   We live in a Senior community and the only kids who drop by are an occasional Grand child of the neighbors.  The neighbor kids just don’t seem to put us in their loop.  But I’m OK with that.  One day I’ll have my own Grand kids to come trick or treating at my house and that’s probably all I’ll care about anyway!

I always loved the fun the kids had at Halloween.  It was fun when they were little to make costumes for them.  There weren’t many places you could buy ready made costumes like you can now a days.  As they got older, they just came up with their own creations.  As adults now…. they STILL come up with their own creations!!  Halloween parties are always fun.

Halloween’s a great time.  It’s the start of the Holiday season… a time I love!  I’m grateful that I can enjoy the Holidays ….. and that this round of decor is up and ready to enjoy!

What do you love about Halloween?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


God Has Angels Watching Over Me

Have you ever been in a moment of time when you thought you might just see you life flash before you?  Yeah…. I had one of those today.

I traveled out to Bountiful early this evening to meet some high school friends for dinner.  Before the dinner, I was planning to stop off to visit with my Mom for a few minutes and take her a large container of Alkaline water.  I didn’t leave my house till about 4:40 pm, knowing of course that the closer I got to the city center, the worse the traffic would be.

I was actually quite surprised how smoothly things went, even at around 600 North.  That’s usually where north bound traffic starts to back log.  But I was easily moving along a freeway speeds.  It was when I reached Bountiful that it suddenly came on out of nowhere.

Even though I tend to drive fairly fast, I still try to keep a little bit of distance between myself and the car in front of me.  In this case…. I was extremely grateful there was some distance…. though it came awfully close to not being enough distance!

I’m still not sure what caused it…. I didn’t notice anything that would have… but I came within a foot or so of rear ending the guy in front of me and being rear ended myself!  Talk about slamming on the brakes!!  I burned some pretty good rubber!  It was NOT a fun situation.  It pretty much scared the ‘you know what’ out of me!  My heart was pounding pretty hard for several minutes.  It’s a tense moment when you think you may be a squished gonner!

I took the opportunity to use the new Ho’ oponopono mantra I learned yesterday after it happened.  This time is started with ‘Thank you!”  Then I went into “I’m sorry…. please forgive me….. I love you!!”  I thought the words were kind of appropriate at the time!  Thanking my Heavenly Father for allowing me to react quickly enough that a collision was avoided!  Saying “I’m sorry”…  I must have been following too close…. “Forgive me” and of course “I love you”!  I actually felt a little better saying that out loud!

Of course the thought of Angles watching over me came to my mind!   I love the Amy Grant song by the same title.  Here are the words starting with the second verse:

God only knows the times my life was threatened just today.
A reckless car ran out of gas before it ran my way.
Near misses all around me, accidents unknown,
Though I never see with human eyes the hands that lead me home.
But I know theyre all around me all day and through the night.
When the enemy is closing in, I know sometimes they fight
To keep my fight from falling, Ill never turn away.
If youre asking whats protecting me then youre gonna hear me say:

God has angels watching over me, every move I make,
Angels watching over me!
Angels watching over me, every step I take,
Angels watching over me….

Angels watching over me….
Angels watching over me.

Though I never see with human eyes the hands that lead me home….

That song definitely started running through my mind today!  And appropriate it is!  It also made me think about a story that a friend shared with me just yesterday.

Without going into all the details….. she was walking down a staircase that was built along a very steep and high cliff.  She said there was a lot of overgrowth along this path….. it hadn’t been up kept the way it should have been.  She and her husband decided after they had gone done about 1/3 of the way that is was just too dangerous and turned to head back up the stairs.  As she turned, she fell through the guard rail along the stairs.  She said she literally felt someone catch her and take her safely down.  Apparently this was a pretty long drop she fell.  She was unharmed and her husband told her not to move and went to get help.  It was amazing to hear her tell how she literally felt someone catch her and hold on to her.

I’ve heard similar stories….. stories of angels being felt or even in some cases seen.  Most often the ones that see them are young children.   I think we all have guardian Angels!  I just wondered if mine got a little squished and bruised today standing between my car and the one in front of me and also the one in back!  It was a pretty tight squeeze!

I’m awfully grateful that God sent those Angels to watch over me today!  It really does make you realize how protected you are…. and wonder too what else they have protected you from!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Ho’ oponopono

I learned another new philosophy today.    I heard about it from the young gal that does my nails.  It’s called Ho’ oponopono.  Google it.

Basically, the modern version of it is that you take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.  By repeating the mantra:  “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you and I thank you.”, its suppose to help you ‘let go and let God’.  It’s considered a cleansing process.  A process of forgiving yourself for things in your present and your past and finding what it is within you that may be causing another person to act the way they are.  It’s a very deep concept and I still have a lot to learn about the context of it.

Even though I don’t completely understand it yet….. I can see how repeating the mantra can make a difference in your state of mind.  There’s much in it that reminds me of Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth:  Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.   That’s another one that is heavy on philosophy….. but an interesting read.

This isn’t an area I can expound on.  It’s one I need to study…. but suffices to say…. I’m grateful that it was brought to my attention.  I think taking the time to be in tune with our inner self or spirit…. the real power of who we are…. can have a profound effect on our life.  Most of us are too busy just ‘existing’ without really learning what our full potential here on earth is.

My hope is that in discovering the power within me, that I’ll realize that it’s totally in line with my beliefs and religion and know that its who God wants me to become.  Life is a journey, isn’t it?

I am Grateful!  How are you?



(Update thought on 11-6-2014 — Another book that really hits this philosophy is “Feeling Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman.  Worth the read if you want to pursue this thought.)

Here’s a song using the mantra.  Beautiful scenery…. calming music.


Fresh Picked Homegrown Vine Ripened Tomatoes!

What more can I say besides the title of this blog?  I mean really?  There is NOTHING like a fresh picked vine ripened tomato!  You can’t buy them in the store that way, that’s for sure!  Harvest time is the best time to get them ‘maters in ya!

Unfortunately…. we live in a condo right now and don’t have a place to garden.  Even though we tried to do some container gardening…. the weather just didn’t cooperate much this year to get a good start on the tomato plants.  I think we killed 3 or 4 before we finally got this last one to grow.  So far we’ve had one small tomato off the plant and one more is growing!  Pitiful, I know!  I don’t think the weather will last much longer to see much more crop on it!

Luckily we live close to a few ‘permanent’ farmers market stands.  The one we stopped at the other day is on 12400 So and about 8th West.  As we walked in the man asked us what we were looking for.  I answered, “Tomatoes”.  He said…. “Fresh picked off the vine this morning”.  That’s what I like to hear!!  Since I don’t do canning anymore….. (probably should,  I know…)  we only picked up about 1/2 dozen to eat.  They may not be homegrown in my own garden….. but it’s the next best thing when you don’t have a garden!!  Love Farmer’s Market!

I sliced one of those babies up tonight to go with our dinner….. yum, yum!  There really is nothing like a vine ripened tomato!  I feel sorry for people who don’t like tomatoes.  If their only experience with a tomato is what they tasted in a restaurant, or something from the grocery store….. they haven’t really tasted a tomato!

My son pulls the tomato off of every burger he orders.  Says he doesn’t like them.  Can’t say I blame him pulling those off.  They aren’t that great.  I need to get him to try one of these yummy ripe tomatoes off the vine.  I’m sure he could taste the difference!

I’m grateful for this time of year so that we can have great tomatoes!  I just wish there was a way to preserve them in that fresh state!  Canned tomatoes just don’t do the same thing for me!!  Though I use them in cooking….. it’s not like eating a fresh tomato!!  Guess I better enjoy as many as I can and make some salsa too!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Devoted Sister

Sometimes words just can’t express how much a person deserves to be thanked.  Such is the case with telling my sister, Sherrie, how much I appreciate her.

My sister is a hard worker and wonderfully organized. She’s some what of a perfectionist too.  When she puts on a party, you can expect to find everything to perfection.  She’s the kind who goes all out to make sure things look just right, down to every detail.

I have to say that I admire her tenacity to always be clean.  Keeping a house clean everyday is not one of my strong points.  I wish it was!  I think she got that from our Dad.  Her house always looks immaculate.

Not only is she an organized hard worker, but she also manages everything with the care of our Mom.  Mom is in an Assisted Living place now.  We ended up needing to put her there after she had a stroke a few months after my Dad passed away 5 years ago.

Sherrie has been in charge of paying all the bills and making sure Moms needs are being met.  She keeps careful track of all the medications Mom takes and makes sure that when Mom has a Doctor appointment, that one of us is available to get her there.   Most of the time it has been her that takes her.

If Mom ever ends up in the hospital, Sherrie double checks all the meds she is getting to make sure the staff isn’t messing up.  Her experience with medical staff giving wrong meds stems from when her son was in the hospital after a very serious auto accident.  Ever since then, she watches like a hawk.  She has a running list of everything Mom takes and makes sure she is aware of any changes made by the Doctor.

She has spent more time with Mom than any of the rest of us.  Partially because she’s been the closet person to get to her most of the time, plus that’s just who Mom calls!  Sherrie is the one Mom reports everything to.  She’s very devoted.

She’s very devoted to her own family too.  She’s always there for them, through thick and thin.  She and her husband DeWayne, have been a huge support for their daughter who is trying to raise her own daughter by herself.  She’s been there for all of her kids when they needed her.  All of her grandkids love her dearly.

She isn’t the kind to show her emotions easily….  She keeps many things to herself…. But I know she loves and cares about those around her very deeply.

Her organizational skills have made her indispensable to the people she works for.  She’s one of the best Personal Assistants anyone could ask for.  You really couldn’t ask for any one better to be in charge of your needs.

Oh…. and to top all that off….. she’s beautiful besides!  Yeah…. just check out the picture!

I’m so grateful to her for her undying devotion to Mom…..And I know Mom is grateful too. Thanks for all you do for the family Sherrie.  Though you may feel unappreciated at times… believe me… What you do does not go unnoticed.  The family appreciates you more than you know.

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Lessons Learned

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m glad it’s over.  For more reasons than one.  Mostly so I can get onto the things that I didn’t get done last week because of preparation!  It’s truly insane how much prep time is involved in preparing a lesson for 4 year olds!

They are, however, adorable.  It was a challenge in many ways.  While we only had 4 of the 6 kids on the class roll there….. that was plenty!  There is a girl in the class that is a little autistic, which brings challenges of its own, but I think one of the boys may be a little ADHD.  The two together was not a good mix.  It required keeping them separate to maintain any kind of reverence.   Part of the problem is that fact that none of them knew who we were.  (We, being my husband and myself)  We really were strangers to them.  I don’t think that helped the matter.  Plus…. honestly….. expecting a 4 year old to maintain reverence for a 3 hour block is kind of insane!   That’s one of the hard things about having all of our church meetings in three hours!  It’s hard for the little ones.

More of this kind of activity would have made the lesson a little more successful!

I learned a few things today.  Things I actually knew, but for some reason we have to experience them to remember!  I would do things a little differently next time.  Those activities I had planned….. yeah….. they need to be done!  Flexibility is kind of important too.  Sensing when they need a ‘wiggle’ break may make the lesson go better…… but then again, do they settle own afterward?  Forgetting the ‘treats’ wasn’t very smart either!  Good thing I could send hubby home for them quickly!

I’m grateful for their sweet little spirits.  Even though I wondered if what I was telling them sunk in….  I guess the comment from one of the Mom’s telling me how excited her son was to do ‘nice’ things for the family so he could fill his warm fuzzy jar let me know that he ‘heard’ what I said.  Often you wonder.  But I guess that’s the case no matter what age you teach!  And my husband got a hug from our little autistic girl.  I think that spoke volumes too.

I’m grateful for the opportunity.  I’m grateful for what I learned.  I’m not sure I’m ready to do it again anytime soon…. but I’m grateful I can appreciate Primary teachers a whole lot more now!!  Hopefully our cute students from today can fill their warm fuzzy jar full by doing kind things for others and giving service!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Primarily Speaking…..

OK….. so I’ve spent a good portion of my day today preparing for a Primary lesson!!!  Crazy!  And I’m only a substitute!

I have to give kudos to the workers in Primary.  Been there….. done that.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s similar in a lot of ways to teaching elementary age kids….. except you have them for a lot less time, and it’s still a lot of work!

I’ve served in the Primary a couple of times.  Once as Primary President and then as Primary Chorister.  That was a lot of work!  I don’t remember when I was President feeling like it was as much work as being the Primary Chorister!!  I was always having to come up with some visual aids to help teach the new songs and other aids just to keep the kids motivated to sing!

Primary is a time consuming calling!  Our ward, at least, has ‘team’ teaching.  That way you only have to prepare a lesson every other week.   Of course, when you’re team partner is your spouse….. it still involves you!   Now…. I realize preparing a lesson for any calling is time consuming!  It just seems that you have to do more to keep the younger ones ‘entertained’….. or to hold their attention.

I remember the first time I substitute taught for Murray School District.  The first call I got was for a Kindergarten class.  It was only for 1/2 day too.  I remember thinking to myself…. “Oh… this should be a breeze!  Kindergartners should be easy to teach!”  HOLY COW….. was I wrong!  Kindergartners have an attention span of about 15 minutes!  So every 20 minutes or so you have to switch gears.  I was so grateful there was a Room Mom there to help me.  She was wonderful in helping keep on task and figure things out!  I don’t know what I would have done without her!   I was completely worn out that day!

So guess what age I’m teaching tomorrow!!  4 year olds!!!  Which means it will be pretty much like teaching Kindergartners….. only they haven’t had the discipline of learning to sit through a 1/2 day of school yet!  My husband’s not happy with me…. but I’m making him help me with the class.  I’m teaching the lesson, but having another person in there will be VERY helpful!

It’s pretty funny….. but I’ve probably over prepared….. but not knowing for sure how much time each thing will take, I want to make sure I have plenty of things for them to do!  I told my husband today…. you’d think I was preparing a lesson for Young Women, the way I’m going ‘all out’ just to get the point across!  Of course…. gave me the idea, and of course I had to do it!  I spent 2 hours shopping for ‘warm fuzzies’ and a bottle to put them in…. and several more hours at home preparing all the other stuff.  I know…. I’m crazy!  I also told John that if we ever get asked to be Primary teachers for real, we better have a good excuse to say “NO”!  It’s too much work!!

So…. now your wondering, “What is your calling anyway?”   Well…. besides being a Visiting Teacher and being on the committee for what used to be called ‘enrichment night’ for Relief Society (which is really only a few things a year to worry about now)…. My ‘big’ calling is Ward Choir Director.  And I’m glad I’m just the Ward Choir Director!  I’ve been complaining to my hubby about that one too….. but after today….. I think I need to shut up and just do it!!   I guess I need to have a better attitude about ‘serving’ the Lord….. especially since that’s what the lesson for Primary is on!!  It just takes making time in my schedule to make plans so I’m not running around at the last minute finding music, etc.!!

I’m grateful for all the people who serve in the Primary.  Even though I don’t have children there anymore….. I truly appreciate what you do to influence those young minds in teaching them gospel principles!  Thanks for all you do!  And thanks to all the teachers in any calling!  It’s a challenging job and I admire your efforts and appreciate the spirit you bring each week!  Primarily speaking however, I’m sure glad I’m just the Ward Choir Director!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Clever People

I just got through reading a book that said that if you want to make money….. you need to find a problem that people have and solve it.  If you can solve their problem….. people will pay money for it.  Today…..I met a woman that found a problem and solved it!  She’s now marketing her ‘answer’…. and it’s so clever!

I went to the What A Woman Wants show here in Salt Lake today.  Ending up going by myself because I actually stopped over at the Gem Faire first.  Since I had a free ticket…. I thought I’d check out the What A Woman Wants show.  They usually have some fun things there, so I thought I’d run in and do a quick walk through the displays.  I was on the second to last row, was very tired and was getting ready to head home when I found this booth called WOW.  I didn’t realize till I got home and looked her up on her website what the WOW stood for….  Wise Old Woman.  I just chuckled…. cause in this case….. she certainly is!!  She has invented a jewelry hanger that is very clever and will do wonders for helping woman to get their jewelry and accessories organized!

I have a very large jewelry armoire, two drawers in my dresser devoted to jewelry and the top of my dresser is still covered with jewelry holders and it still doesn’t seem to be enough!!  OK, OK…. I know….. that’s a little excessive on the jewelry side…. but let me tell you a couple of reasons why.  I LOVE JEWELRY!   Well…. I guess that’s obvious!  But really….. my Mom sold Sarah Coventry jewelry for years!  I believe Sarah Coventry was the original in home party jewelry business.  I may be wrong…. but it was certainly on the forefront!!  She has kept most of that jewelry, and I have inherited a large portion of it.  Mom doesn’t wear much jewelry any more….. she doesn’t get out much….. so I have a lot of it.  I don’t think my sisters were interested in that ‘old’ jewelry….. but me on the other hand…. I LOVE old jewelry!  In fact…. many of today’s jewelry designs lean toward the older antique look, just with a modern edge.  Kind of like clothes!!

Besides inheriting a lot of jewelry, my daughter was a Lia Sophia consultant for a short time.  Long enough that I acquired several pieces.  And then there’s that ‘I kind of like to make jewelry’ thing.  Particularly watchbands.  Are you getting the picture?  Yeah…… too much jewelry!  And much of it I don’t wear because I forget I have it!

This is the travel set. It has elastic across it to keep your necklaces in place and you can roll it up and tie it closed for travel.

This new invention….. the WOW jewelry hanger is a great way to organize and get it more in the open so it can be seen!  I’m so excited to see what it will do for me!  PLUS….. I love the idea of being able to use it to organize your jewelry while you travel!  Brilliant….. truly brilliant!

I’m grateful for Laurie Clayton…. the Wise Old Woman that came up with the idea!  I’m grateful that creative, clever people pursue trying to share their ideas with us!  I wish her much luck in her business endeavors!

Go check out her website.  You will love it and they will make great Christmas gifts for yourself or your friends!!!  Besides….. clever people who solve our problems deserve our support!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Here’s the Youtube video

Naive? Or Blessed……

OK…. I’ll admit it….. I was around in the 60’s.  But I don’t think being a pre-teen/ teenager really qualifies for being ‘around’ if you know what I mean.  Unless teenagers have changed since then…..  we pretty much weren’t into what was going on in the world.  Especially in Junior High.  I think I remember my focus being on boys, fashion,  friends and boys.  Oh…. did I mention boys?  Yep…. that’s pretty much all I remember caring about back then.  Oh, I did OK in school and all…. but I certainly wasn’t all that focused on grades, even though I made the Honor Roll most semesters.

Anyway….. my point is….. there was a LOT going on around me in the 60’s…. (not quite as evident in the humble state of Utah…) but nonetheless….. it was going on around me!  Funny thing is…. I have very vague memories of my brother being in the Vietnam war.  Kind of sad, huh?

Maybe it was just me…. maybe I wasn’t as focused as I should have been.  Honestly, when I see movies about the civil rights movements and all the turmoil that was happening back then, I often wonder…. was I living in another world?   In reality, I probably was.  Utah is a different species.  Especially back then.  I don’t even think there was one black family that lived in Bountiful.  If there was, I didn’t know them.  I think that’s probably why I wasn’t aware of all that was going on.  It didn’t seem to apply to me, so why should I care, right?

Now, as I look back at history and see what I naively missed….. in many ways I’m not sure I regret it.  Perhaps that’s one reason why I have a pretty good outlook on life.  I never had to face the challenges of racism.

What would I have been like if I did?  I’m not sure….  hopefully the same as I am today about that.   There wasn’t a whole lot of talk in my house against blacks because we didn’t need to talk about it.  Even though I heard an occasional racist remark come from my parents…. I don’t think they tried to instill in me a hate for anyone.  By the time I actually met my first black person…. I pretty much felt like they deserved to be treated like anyone else.  Again…. I can’t say that I regret that.  As a matter of fact…. to show how naive I was….  I remember a bus ride back from Logan to Bountiful.  I’d been up to visit my cousin.  Well…. I naively sat in the back of the bus.  When we stopped in Ogden…. some black boys got on the bus and looked at me rather strangely as they came to sit in the back.  However, all I remember was having a nice conversation with them on the way home.  It wasn’t until I go off the bus that I was told ‘that’s where the blacks sit’.  I had no clue.  And I’m glad I didn’t.

Yesterday, we saw the movie The Help.  I’ve seen lots of movies about the struggles of civil rights.  Remember the Titans is one of my favorites.  But, I think the movie The Help made you look at things a little differently…. from a different perspective.  Not that I didn’t see a movie and not wonder how hard it must have been on them…. but for some reason, hearing how hard it was coming out of these women’s mouths made it a different story.  More personal I guess.

How can we treat others like that?  I’ve never understood it.  The interesting part of the movie is the side story of how even one white woman was left out of being welcome.  I guess it doesn’t take a different skin color for people to be mean!

I’m grateful that I grew up in little old protected Utah and lived a ‘sheltered life’.  I’m grateful that there was never any hate instilled in me for anyone.  I’m grateful that most people nowadays treat people of all color with respect.  Oh…. there’s still some out there that think they are better than everyone else…..  But I’m pretty sure they aren’t the kind of people I want to hang out with anyway.  Like attracts like….. and that’s not my ‘like’!

How about you?  Did you face the civil rights era in an area where you learned to think you were better than “them”?

I am Grateful!  How are you?

I Think I Can…. I Think I Can!

Remember how when you were little you thought you were invincible?  At the very least you had invincible imaginary friends?  Children can spends hours of creative play, many without anyone else around.  They are just able to keep themselves entertained.

With a little encouragement... Kitty can do it! And so can our children!

I remember spending hours by myself playing with my Barbie dolls and acting out my life through them.  My Barbie was a singing star!  She was always on stage.  Funny….. that’s one of the things that I personally enjoy doing!  Did we as kids live out our fantasies?  Were they really just fantasies or something deep within us telling us things that we loved?  Hard to tell.

How much do we stifle our children’s creative abilities as they grow?  Though I realize that it’s important to stay focused on the task at hand while in school….  don’t we discourage our children from daydreaming?  Are we teaching them that to ‘dream’ is wrong?  Then as adults…. how hard is it for us to believe the concepts of the Law of Attraction when we were told as a child we shouldn’t daydream!   Where is the happy medium?

Well… hind sight is 20/20, isn’t it?  How I wish I had known things and done them differently for my own children.  Not that I’m saying I was a bad Mom…. but I don’t know that I encouraged them to go after their dreams.  How I wish I knew then what I know now.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time….. Today I had the opportunity to meet Valerie Ackley.  She is the author of the new book for children called, What Are You Thinking?  It’s just a short illustrated book trying to help kids understand the power of their minds.  What a good age to teach that!  Instead of telling them all the time, “You can’t do that!”…. let’s encourage them to believe they can!  Not in a ‘all I have to do is wish for it way’… but letting them know that they can get what ever their heart desires as long as they know there is ‘action’ involved in the process.

How darling is this book cover? The whole book is that way!

Valerie Ackley is the sister of Leslie Householder.  Leslie is the author ofthe Jack Rabbit Factor.  I did a post on Leslie and her book a while back.  While Valerie was taking a course from her sister, she had a big ‘Aha!’ moment where she realized how awesome it would be to teach the same concepts she was learning to her children.  Hence, the birth of the book, What Are You Thinking? began.  It began with a thought!  Which is what the whole Law of Attraction thing is about!  Thoughts become things!

I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Valerie today.  I had told myself that other day that I’m going to meet Leslie Householder someday (I’m friends with her on FB…so that’s a start!) and I also want to meet Leslie’s mentor Bob Proctor.  I think meeting Valerie today was a step in the right direction to manifesting those dreams!

Though I don’t have grandchildren around yet to try these concepts on…. I look forward to someday being able to help them realize their little dreams can come true when the right steps are followed.  And now I have Valerie’s book to help me do that!  Teach ’em while they are young!  For those of you with young ones…..  start it now!  Besides… the way I see it, it will only help build your belief that you can make YOUR dreams come true too!  We have to reprogram our subconscious minds as adults…. we might as well program the little ones correctly from the start!  Let them learn to be like the Little Engine Who Could!  I Think I Can….. I Think I Can….. I Know I Can!  I KNOW I Can!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?