You Can’t Steal My Dreams!

I continue to be amazed at what falls in front of me at a time when it’s needed!  Once again, Meditations for Women had a timely message the other day.  I saved it to make a comment on sometime in the future, but today…. it’s message hit me pretty hard.  Today this message is not just for me…. it’s especially for my daughter.

It was made more obvious to me today as I was talking to her, that when you are in despair about a situation, it’s REALLY hard to pull yourself out and become positive.  No matter how much encouragement you are receiving….. it’s hard to see beyond the moment and realize that things as bleak as they seem.  Here’s the post that I want to share:

“Discouragement steals your dreams.”

Hand in hand with setbacks and challenges comes discouragement. Its ferocity can stop you in your tracks and before you know it your dreams seem unreachable. Stop! This is only true if you give in.

Today is the day you will conquer discouragement. Today is the day you will feel more determined and stronger than ever. Today is the day you will put one foot in front of the other and persevere.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will never give up when you feel disheartened, but rather, you will view these feelings as a sign to work harder.

You’re entitled to your dreams and aspirations. So why not make this commitment today?

It all seems to come back to attitude and determination doesn’t it?  Though the struggle may seem insurmountable at the moment…. we have to find the inner strength to move one.  It’s time to put on our Scarlet O’ Hara suit and be determined to beat it…. no matter what it may take.  Gird up your loins, remember what’s important and who really loves you and supports you and know that “Tomorrow is another day”.

This one is for you, Mandy…. we love and support you and have always been grateful for our little girl!  You can do and be anything you want….. don’t let discouragement steal your dreams!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Ironically…. I totally forgot that a dear friend of mine who is a freelance writer wrote an article this week that he titled “Tomorrow is Another Day”.  I completely forgot about it till I started writing that famous line in my blog.  I thought you might enjoy his article.  If you are on facebook…. you should be able to click this link and read it.

Posted by Joseph Walker on Tuesday, August 30, 2011


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