Mary Poppins

Yes…. I’ve been to the theater again…. Probably obvious by my blog title!  I just can’t help but find reasons to be grateful when I see live theater!

Tonight we saw the National touring cast of Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theater.  What a joy it was.  The only thing missing was a few young kids sitting around me.  There were plenty there in the theater, just none in our immediate area.  It would have been even more fun if those kids were family members!  I would have loved to watch the look on their faces during parts of the show.

When you take a movie to the stage, there are things that you usually can’t do live on stage that you can do in a movie.  I thought this was a pretty good adaption of the movie.  There were some parts of the movie that they didn’t do, but I didn’t really miss it for the most part.  I Love To Laugh would have been the only part that I would like to have seen…..but it would have been a difficult one to pull off.  There were several adaptions of the movie script and also some additional story lines….. but I thought it was a good combination.

The talent was awesome.  What extremely strong dancers in this show.  It’s one of those shows that the ensemble would be very fun to be in.  The sets were very well done and effective.  Of course, there were some show stopping moments, with Step In Time being the biggest show stopper of all.  There were many other wonderful moments too.  I’m so glad that we heard about a 1/2 price deal on tickets and took advantage of it.  Our seats were really good too.

And don’t forget, that even though Mary Poppins seems to be a lot of fluff…. there’s some important things to learn from the story.  Like, Money is not the most important thing in life, family and friends are!  And, there’s always the sub-story line of how a person is raised, will affect who they are as an adult.  Oh…. and what about life is easier to handle when you have a better attitude…  You know….  a Spoonful of Sugar helps the Medicine go down?   Or how about, mind over matter might make that nasty stuff taste like your favorite flavor!   And…. carpet bags are full of wonderful things!   Oh, wait…. that’s getting a little too magical.

All in all, it was a delightful evening watching a show well done by a very talented cast.  I’m grateful that my husband agreed to take me.  If you don’t have tickets….. you should  see about getting them!  It’s worth it.  And bring the kids if you’ve got them to bring!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Here’s the Youtube version of Step In Time from the Broadway show.  Skip to :56 past the intro and be sure to watch close at 5:20 when Bert ‘climb’s’ the roof tops!  Great number!


2 Replies to “Mary Poppins”

  1. Saw it on Braodway and on Friday night. Enjoyed both shows. Funny I thought exactly the same things about Make Me Laugh. :). I enjoy your blog.

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