You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Today, a family member shared a video with me that made me start thinking about some things.  Actually, it was just another testament that you can’t base a book by it’s cover.

I’m sure you are all aware, that when a person is lacking in a certain sense, i.e., sight, that other senses become heightened.  They are usually more aware of things using the senses they do have.  I think that is a gift to them.  

But, aside from that….. they are often blessed with other talents.  I’m always impressed when a person that lacks a certain sense or that has a physical disability, still is able to discover other talents.  One such example that comes to mind is Andrea Bocelli.  Even though he is blind…. he has found his remarkable talent in his voice.  Perhaps even a heightened talent.  Today this video was shared with me.  Not that I haven’t heard him sing before…. it just struck me that though he was sent here with a physical challenge, he was blessed with another way to have a powerful influence on the world.



What a wonderful talent he’s been blessed with…  And how lucky we are that he shares it!  There are many other people with similar situations that I’m sure you can all think of… ie., Stevie Wonder,  Ray Charles, to name a few.  And these are the famous ones.  I’m sure there are plenty that we don’t know about.

For instance…. with shows like America’s Got Talent, or in this case, The X Factor, we are introduced to ordinary people, (meaning not famous), who have not let their challenges interfere with expressing their talents.  Here’s another video that was shared with me the other day.  This one is truly touching… to see how this young man reached way beyond his physical challenges with a belief that he could become something better and not give up on his dreams.  Inspirational.



I’m so grateful for examples like this that persevere despite their challenges.  And it’s not just musical talents that they can have talents in.  I’ve listened to many motivational speakers who have overcome challenges and choose to share their stories.  They are truly amazing.  It should give us the encouragement to persevere ourselves.  It’s a true testament that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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