Adventurous Exploring!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the mountains?  Oh, yeah…. I have.  I think perhaps a whole blog on it.  It’s true…. I do love them!  And today we got adventurous!

As we finished seeing the last house in the Park City Parade of homes today, instead of turning back toward town, we decided to take a left and see where the road went.  We were in Heber City at the time…..  One of my favorite mountain communities around here.  It’s one of the spots we talk about buying a Summer home in.

Beautiful scenery..... So much better in person

As we traveled up the road, we could see that it was headed toward the mountains.  We figured we’d just take the road as far as we could.  Well…. it kept going.  It soon turned into a dirt road, but not one that was too terrible to travel on…… which is a good thing, since we were in my car!  If it hadn’t been for the compass in our car, we would have had no idea where we were going!   We didn’t really know where we were going anyway….. just speculation.  But it sure was fun trying to figure out where we might come out…. or even if we’d have to turn around and go back!

The best part of the drive was the GORGEOUS scenery!  It literally made me happy!  I almost felt like a kid again.  It brought back so many memories being in the Uinta Mountains as a kid!  I was having flash backs of camping trips with my family and of Girls Camp.  And those are wonderful memories for me!

We just kept driving and driving, having no idea where we were going but absolutely loving the ride!  Finally, we came to a fork in the road with a sign with directions as to what was which way.  It was then we finally realized that one of our choices was head toward Strawberry Reservoir.  Since that was the only way we knew for sure would take us where we could get home, that’s the road we took.

Meadows, hills, pine trees, quaking aspens, wild flowers..... It was great!

Thanks to our GPS, we found out that we had climbed almost to 10000 ft!  We were just barely shy of it.  And it was beautiful up there.  We both decided it would be pretty awesome to have that as our scenery out a window or two from our own home.  Pretty serene.  As long as I can go somewhere else for the Winter…..  I wouldn’t want to be buried in snow!  But I’d eat it up during the Summer!

I’m so grateful we decided to go off the beaten path today.  It was almost like a stress reliever.  Not that I feel stressed about anything right now…. but the feeling during the ride was wonderful!  I’d do it again in a heart beat!  Now we just need to repeat another adventurous drive in these beautiful Utah mountains in a couple of weeks so we can see it painted in Autumn colors!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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