Ain’t It Great to Be Me?

I hope you’ll indulge me a little today.  One of the important parts of recognizing all your blessings is loving yourself and who you are.  Since it’s my birthday today…. I’m going to blog about me!

The thought that I should do this came to me last night….. then this morning as I opened my email…. there were a few thoughts in some newsletters I subscribe to that verified that I’m OK!  I decided it was a sign that it’s OK to be me and be grateful for it and I wanted to share that with you!

I’m also going to share with you the Birthday wishes I got from “The Universe” this morning.  It’s a daily letter I get from the website:  Its’a site run by Mike Dooley and I enjoy his daily emails of uplifting encouragement.  But today…. I got a birthday message from him.  Now, I’m no fool…. I know it’s canned and he sends the same one to everyone on their birthday…. but that’s OK!  Today it was meant for me!

A few years back, not so long ago, heaven and earth erupted into a major celebration with the news of your impending adventure into this very time and space. You see, someone like Wanda Copier doesn’t come along all that often. In fact, there’s never been a single one like you, nor is there ever ANY possibility that another will come again. You’re an Angel among us. Someone, whose eyes see what no others will EVER see, whose ears hear what no others will EVER hear, and whose perspective and feelings will NEVER, ever be duplicated. Without YOU, the Universe, and ALL THAT IS, would be sadly less than it is. 

Quite simply: 

You’re the kind of person, Wanda,
Who’s hard to forget,
A one-in-a-million
To the people you’ve met.
Your friends are as varied
As the places you go,
And they all want to tell you
In case you don’t know:
That you make a big difference
In the lives that you touch,
By taking so little
And giving so much!

Wanda, you are so AWESOME! For your birthday, friends and angels from every corner of the Universe, including buddies you didn’t know you had, will be with you to wish you the HAPPIEST of days and an exciting new year in time and space. You won’t be alone! 

So… though that thought was meant for me on my special day….. it’s a message we all need to remember about ourselves.  I’m sure you’ve heard it said, that you were sent here for a reason and that no one else can do the things youwere meant to do.

How do you like me as a blonde? Ha ha.... this is a picture of me when I played Muzzy in 'Thoroughly Modern Millie"

I have to admit…. it’s pretty great being me!  I’m so blessed with so many wonderful things!  I have a wonderful husband that I wouldn’t trade for the world…. 3 terrific kids who mean the world to me, an beautiful home, nice clothes, food to eat, a nice car to drive, a dog who loves me no matter what, and so much more that I could go on and on….  but then again…. isn’t that the whole purpose for starting this blog?  My life really is great.  I have a solid understanding of who I am and where I came from and I’m learning more everyday about what my special purpose on this earth is.  It’s a discovery process that takes a life time and I’m so grateful that I’ve reached a point in my life that I can focus on how I can make an impact on this earth.

Thanks for being a part of my journey through this blog.  Thanks for your support.  Thanks for being you!  And I have to admit…. “Ain’t it great to be me?”

I am Grateful!  How are you?



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