To What Were You Born?

I have to share with you a moving moment for me that I witnessed several days ago.  It made me start to really think about how we can never know the impact we can have on humanity.

I was in Vegas the last weekend in August for a very important convention.  It was an convention for the company I have chosen to represent.  There were several moving moments there…. particularly because I believe with all my heart that this company and product came together by a higher source so that it could benefit mankind….. especially in a time when it is so desperately needed.  So many times during those few days, it was manifest to me that I was where I was meant to be and that I had the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than myself.  Something that would change the way people look at health.  It was really an amazing few days.

As part of it, there was an impromptu moment of recognition for the man who played a very important key role in discovering and developing this product.  It is because of him that it is in the consumable form that it is in.  And that is what is changing lives.  I was so touched by his humility as he came to the stage during an eruption of very loud applause and whistling and whooting,  that lasted for several minutes.  It was our way of telling him ‘Thank you”….. and he was very moved by it.  It took him a moment to regain his composure.  I’ve attached a link for you to watch and hear just a few of the things he said.  You can click here.

I was struck by the thought of wondering how he feels knowing now that he has helped make such a significant contribution to the world.  Did he ever know that what he would do would be so important?  Did he recognize and know to what he was born?  Or did time and circumstances just lead him to what he was meant to do?  

Do any of us ever really know for sure for what we are born?  Most likely most of us will not make the kind of contribution that Dr. Gary Samuelson has made to the world…. but we can all contribute something important.  Even if it’s only to a small group of people.  We all have things to which we were born.  Things that only we can do.  Lives that only we can touch.

One of Les Brown’s famous sayings is to “Live Full, Die Empty“.   Meaning, that we need to discover who we are while we are here on this earth and live our purpose fully while we are here.  We should take nothing to the grave with us that we could have contributed to this life but didn’t.  Hence, “Live Full…. Die Empty!

Our life is a journey of personal growth.  We need to make time every day to learn what we can to improve ourselves and to make a difference in someone’s life.  It takes time and can be a challenge to do that…  but it’s an important thing to do.

Les Brown also says: “You have greatness within you”    What is your greatness?  Have you discovered it yet…or are you still in the process of discovering it?  It’s what this life is about.  Finding the greatness within you and sharing it with the world…. no matter how small your own world seems.  You are important to someone.

Find the Greatness within You!

I’m so grateful for people like Dr. Samuelson who have found out to what they were born.  I’m grateful his contribution is a huge one and that I am lucky enough to be a part of helping to share it.  I’m grateful that I am on my own journey of discovering to what I was born…. my own journey of finding the greatness within me.  Find it within yourself!

“There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are born and the day we discover why.” William Barclay

I am Grateful!  How are you?



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