Ridin’ on the By-cy-cles!

Though it’s long overdue and the excuses are numerous as to why it hasn’t happened yet….. we finally took our first bike ride of the season!  Yea…. I know….. slap my hand!

We bought our bikes about two years ago and don’t use them enough.  Sometimes we feel guilty that we aren’t taking the dog for a walk, so we end up walking versus riding.  We do, however, have a basket strapped to the back of my husband bike that we let Scooter ride in when we go bicycling.  He just doesn’t get much exercise that way….. but he pretty much loves it.

Even though it was the first ride of the season…..  my husband just kept on going…. and going….. just like the energizer bunny.  We went as far north on the Jordan River parkway trail that we could go.  There are several breaks along the trail that aren’t complete, and just before 90th South is one of them.

I was huffing pretty good on the way back…. Which could have been caused by a number of things.   The fact that I didn’t really switch gears on my bike the whole time could have been a factor.  Most of the area we traveled on was fairly flat…. A few small hills and such, but not enough that I needed to switch gears.  The fact that I haven’t exercised enough this summer could have a LOT to do with it.  Also…. A different kind of exercise than you usually do can also get your heart rate going too.  Whatever the reason, I was feeling it!

We were only gone for about an hour, but, for the first time out this year… and considering we aren’t young bucks anymore…..   we made it!  I was tired when we got back, but a little sip of my ASEA and within a few minutes I was feeling great.

I’m so grateful that we have these trails so close to our house to enjoy!  We have really loved living this close to the Jordon River.  I’m grateful we have bicycles to ride and that we are healthy enough to do it!  I love getting out in the open air….. I just need to be more consistent about it.  Just as I’m getting started in a routine…. The weather will be cooling off!  Soon I’ll have to come up with a routine of exercise at home.  Oh, wait…..I guess there’s always the gym!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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