We Will Never Forget!

I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to blog about anything else but 9/11 today.  So much to think about and be grateful for.

I suppose that most of you remember right where you were 10 years ago when you heard the news.  It was too unforgettable not to remember what was going on in your life right then.

I, like many of you, was getting ready for work.  I had the TV on while doing so.  My husband had left for work an hour earlier.  My daughter was the only living at home at the time and she had already left for the day to the best of my recollection.

I remember being stunned.  Was the first plane just a freak accident?  That’s what it seemed to be…. I think that’s what the news reporters were speculating too…..  they weren’t really sure what had happened.  Then the second plane hit the South Tower.  It was obvious by then that this was an attack on the US.  But, Let’s not forget the plane that crashed into the Pentagon and Flight 93 that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.  Sometimes we focus so much on the World Trade Center that we forgot there were many people who lost their lives in those incidents too.

There are so many stories of heroism attached to that dreadful day.  It was a time for the country and other nations to unite.  It was a time to rekindle patriotism and love of country.  It was a vulnerable time.  If you really want to relive all the details, minute by minute…   go to this link on Wikipedia for the timeline.  It’s very detailed.


I didn't want to post a picture of the burning towers, but rather a remembrance of them.

I’ve been moved that last few days as people have made comments honoring those who gave their all to help in this tragedy.  Both those who helped in the rescue efforts and those who defended our country and still do.

I was touched by an email I received with a  link to a Youtube video that talked about one of the survivors.  I don’t think we hear their stories very much.  We’ve heard the stories of those who didn’t make it into work that day for one reason or another and luckily avoided the tragedy…. but I hadn’t really thought about those who actually went through and survived the whole ordeal.  Though the video I saw talked about how important family became to this man, I’m sure there were others who dealt with and still deal with emotional issues from the ordeal….. similar in ways to what our soldiers deal with in combat time.  My heart goes out too all.

Though I’m not grateful that 9/11 happened… but I am grateful to the countless people who sacrificed in any efforts to help.  I’m grateful for those brave people on Flight 93 who took it into their own hands to over take the hijackers and keep that plane from hitting the suspected target of the White House.  I’m grateful that all my loved ones were safe that day.  I’m grateful for the uniting of our country that occurred that day…. and still lingers.

I honor all who lost their lives, all who lost loved ones, all who were heroic in any way and those who defend our country!  God bless the USA!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

There are so many videos that I could attach here….. but this is the one that struck me the other day.  How are the survivors of the ordeal?


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