Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison.  That should be all I have to say, right?

I was thinking that as the days are getting shorter, I’m sure grateful for the light bulb!  But as I study the life of the great Thomas Edison…. he did SO much more for society than that!

"There is no question that Edison deserves the lion's share of credit for lighting up the world. However, this amazing accomplishment was far less related to his particular discovery of an incandescent bulb than to his creation of the first genuinely safe and economically viable system for generating and distributing light and power - worldwide."

I found his biography very interesting.  You can click here to read it if you want.  I really was fascinated.  There are probably 5th Graders out there that know more about Thomas Edison that I do!   I probably learned about him in 5th grade…. it’s just the remembering part!  I learned a lot from the short one page biography.

Thanks to Edison, we have so many advancements today that started with his ideas…. Including power and electricity.  So…. it’s more than just the light bulb I’m thankful for!

I found it interesting to read about his handicaps.  I didn’t realize that he was almost completely deaf.  A post script to the bio on him said that they feel that perhaps that “he may have been plagued by a fundamental learning disability that went  well beyond mere deafness….”  His learning disabilities and his deafness made him learn in a completely different way, experts speculate.

I’m grateful for Thomas Edison.  I’m grateful for men and women like him who despite their disabilities, continue to preserver and by so doing…. bring so much to the world!  Thanks, Thomas Edison!  If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have power and light to be posting this blog!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Here’s a 5 min video of his life and accomplishments.  It’s VERY brief….. the link above is much more informative!


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