I Love Your Genes!

Well….. my day didn’t go at all like I thought it was going to go today!  Sometimes that’s what happens when you just wing it and go with the flow….. but I really didn’t mind it at all.

Instead of being home most of the day today and getting things done around the house…..  we spent most of the day at the ball park!  And this time…. it wasn’t to watch my husband play ball…. but to watch my boys!

We’ve always enjoyed the fact that we think our kids are a nice blend of our gene pool.  My husband’s very athletic and the boys got that gene.  Actually…. Mandy has it too…. it’s just not a passion of hers to pursue.  And all of the kids inherited my musical and performing abiliites…..  so we think it’s a pretty awesome blend.  We get the best of both worlds!  WE love their genes!

Jon’s girlfriend was covering for all 5 performances of Joseph today at Hale, so he asked us if we’d come pick up his dogs so they wouldn’t be alone the entire day, since this tournament they were in would take up the whole day.  When I called him at around 1 pm to find out where the key was to pick up the dogs, he suggested that we maybe pick them up and then drive out to Centerville to watch the games since Nate would be finishing up with his performances of Joseph and would soon be on his way out to the tournament.  So…. we decided…. why not?  Let’s go spend a couple of hours watching the boys play ball.

Well…. that couple of hours turned into several hours!  We just returned home from watching the entire One Pitch Tournament.  And it’s 11:30pm our time.  That’s a long day!  Not only are we tired….but our boys are exhausted!  That’s a lot of ball games when you play One Pitch games!  I won’t go into the rules here…..but believe me…. it’s a lot of ball!

And our boys are fine players.  We’ve always been proud of the skills they inherited.  John will say that they are better ball players than he ever was….  but I think he was a pretty darn good player….. and still is!  He hasn’t missed playing softball one year of our entire 32 years of marriage!  I’d say that’s pretty good!

It was fun to see our boys hitting home runs all the time and making great plays.  I was often heard saying:  “That’sa my boy!”  I get a little proud like that!

I’m grateful we took the time to watch the ball games today.  I’m grateful they inherited that great gene from their Dad!  It’s a fun time to spend with the boys.  I enjoy listening to them talk to their Dad about how the play went, or ‘that was a bad call’…. etc….  And yet…. I feel my boys are good sports.  Though they may not agree with all the calls that are made on occasion…. but they aren’t hot headed about it.  Actually…. I didn’t see any hot head stuff at all today which is another thing I’m grateful for!!  It was much more fun!

Softball season will be over soon for them.  My hubby still has a few weeks left PLUS the Senior Games to play in next month.  But that’s what our summers are all about it seems…. softball!   It will soon be time to get into the work out mode for improving their skills so that when next year rolls around… they’ll be ready to go!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

BTW….. tell me that’s not dedication to a sport when you miss one of the biggest rivalry games in our area just to play softball!  Of course…. they were keeping up with that game on their iphones!!  But that’s to be expected in this world of technology!


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