And They Called It Puppy Love….

Oh….. there’s nothing quite as cute as a new puppy!  (Except maybe a new baby!)  But….. puppies grow a little fast than children…. so they are in that cute playful mode much quicker than a child!

Not sure if I'd call that look on this little Puggle pup mischievous or curious!

Tonight at the ball park I saw the cutest 8 week old Puggle.  For those who don’t know…. that’s a cross between a Pug and a Beagle.  It was so adorable….. and definitely a puppy!  He was full of life and wanted to play and chew on all kinds of things.

That is one of the hard things about puppies….. the training part!  Behavioral as well as potty!!  They really aren’t much different than kids in that respect….. they need lots of attention and help and encouragement, just like children.  But they are adorable you can’t hep but give it to them!

Honestly….. though I loved seeing this little pup tonight…. I was grateful that it wasn’t me that had to train it!   But I was also grateful that I got to enjoy it’s adorable personality…. even as brief an encounter as it was!

It brought back lots of memories of when our cute Scooter was pup.

This is Scooter at around 3 months. Is that just the most adorable face?

He was adorable…. still is of course….. but there’s just something about a puppy that can’t be beat!  Then again….  I keep reminding myself….. they just grow up to be teenagers!  <grin>  But there’s always room for Puppy love!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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