Joy In The Journey

What a shame it would be to look back and find out what we missed along the way because we were just too ‘busy’.   How many times have you heard of a Father in a family who missed out on the most important things in his children’s’ lives because he was so busy making a living he forgot to live!  ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ comes to mind!

We need to ‘Stop and Smell the Roses” along the way…… those sharp curves in the road are much safer taken at a slower speed!  The scenery is as important as the destination!  We were meant to enjoy life….. as well as succeed at it.  But if our focus is always on the top of the ladder….. what are we missing on the way up?  Who’s window is open with an invitation to stop in and visit, yet we miss it because we are too focused on that top rung?  People are put in our pathway for a reason, but often we are so busy trying to figure out what’s next, that we don’t notice the gift that God sent!

Slowing down and enjoying the journey is important.  Not at the expense of losing motivation to continue to improve ourselves….. but, be  OPEN ….. to the possibilities that are in front of you!  You may be being guided to where you are needed.  Besides….if you don’t slow down and notice the ‘now’…. live in the moment…. you will delay your happiness!

We can’t focus on what life will be like “when” or we truly miss the journey.  We are meant to enjoy the journey!

“Why delay your happiness?”

It’s not unusual for us to postpone our pleasures and happiness, hoping for a better tomorrow.

Do you place demands on your happiness like, “I’ll be happy when I lose 10 pounds,” “I’ll be happy when I get a new job or new car,” “I’ll be happy when I find the love of my life?”

Why put off your happiness until Friday night or Sunday morning or this summer or next winter? The real fun in life is the journey – and enjoying the present moment.

If you find yourself placing demands on your happiness, stop! You have a right to enjoy life, right here, right now! As you do, you’ll be amazed by the joy of daily life.   from Meditations for Women

It’s not always easy to slow down and pay attention to the now.  We are often overwhelmed with so many things we need to do that we forget to watch the dandelions grow.  You can only live this day once, so try and live it fully!

I’m grateful for my quest to find joy in the journey!  This blog is helping me to do that, by noticing what I’m grateful for.  Gratitude brings you joy!  Look for joy in your journey with gratitude in your heart!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

I tried to find the lyrics to the song ‘Joy In the Journey’ ….but I couldn’t find them (I could transcribe them…)…but I thought you might enjoy “listening”.  The video isn’t much to see…. but the words are great.


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