Clever People

I just got through reading a book that said that if you want to make money….. you need to find a problem that people have and solve it.  If you can solve their problem….. people will pay money for it.  Today…..I met a woman that found a problem and solved it!  She’s now marketing her ‘answer’…. and it’s so clever!

I went to the What A Woman Wants show here in Salt Lake today.  Ending up going by myself because I actually stopped over at the Gem Faire first.  Since I had a free ticket…. I thought I’d check out the What A Woman Wants show.  They usually have some fun things there, so I thought I’d run in and do a quick walk through the displays.  I was on the second to last row, was very tired and was getting ready to head home when I found this booth called WOW.  I didn’t realize till I got home and looked her up on her website what the WOW stood for….  Wise Old Woman.  I just chuckled…. cause in this case….. she certainly is!!  She has invented a jewelry hanger that is very clever and will do wonders for helping woman to get their jewelry and accessories organized!

I have a very large jewelry armoire, two drawers in my dresser devoted to jewelry and the top of my dresser is still covered with jewelry holders and it still doesn’t seem to be enough!!  OK, OK…. I know….. that’s a little excessive on the jewelry side…. but let me tell you a couple of reasons why.  I LOVE JEWELRY!   Well…. I guess that’s obvious!  But really….. my Mom sold Sarah Coventry jewelry for years!  I believe Sarah Coventry was the original in home party jewelry business.  I may be wrong…. but it was certainly on the forefront!!  She has kept most of that jewelry, and I have inherited a large portion of it.  Mom doesn’t wear much jewelry any more….. she doesn’t get out much….. so I have a lot of it.  I don’t think my sisters were interested in that ‘old’ jewelry….. but me on the other hand…. I LOVE old jewelry!  In fact…. many of today’s jewelry designs lean toward the older antique look, just with a modern edge.  Kind of like clothes!!

Besides inheriting a lot of jewelry, my daughter was a Lia Sophia consultant for a short time.  Long enough that I acquired several pieces.  And then there’s that ‘I kind of like to make jewelry’ thing.  Particularly watchbands.  Are you getting the picture?  Yeah…… too much jewelry!  And much of it I don’t wear because I forget I have it!

This is the travel set. It has elastic across it to keep your necklaces in place and you can roll it up and tie it closed for travel.

This new invention….. the WOW jewelry hanger is a great way to organize and get it more in the open so it can be seen!  I’m so excited to see what it will do for me!  PLUS….. I love the idea of being able to use it to organize your jewelry while you travel!  Brilliant….. truly brilliant!

I’m grateful for Laurie Clayton…. the Wise Old Woman that came up with the idea!  I’m grateful that creative, clever people pursue trying to share their ideas with us!  I wish her much luck in her business endeavors!

Go check out her website.  You will love it and they will make great Christmas gifts for yourself or your friends!!!  Besides….. clever people who solve our problems deserve our support!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Here’s the Youtube video


2 Replies to “Clever People”

  1. Hi Wanda,

    Thanks for the great words of support… It is great to hear from women like you who think like me, simple but smart and full of gratitude.
    We had a great show this weekend in SLC and look forward to our airing on QVC this winter…they have purchase a couple thousand units and now I’m busy getting ready to sew and ship them. FYI we have a shop in St. George UT where this product is sewn and produced. Our product is made locally and we are proud to say we are 100% MADE IN THE USA! This company is one year old and we are making great headway because of people like you. Thanks so much for your comments…good luck in all you do!

    Laurie Clayton
    Wise Old Women, Inc
    WOW Hangers

    1. You are so welcome! Tell me where you shop is in St. George. That’s where I’ll be traveling too next week! I could probably send you a few customers since we ladies sit around and talk about brilliant things while the men play ball!!

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