Lessons Learned

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m glad it’s over.  For more reasons than one.  Mostly so I can get onto the things that I didn’t get done last week because of preparation!  It’s truly insane how much prep time is involved in preparing a lesson for 4 year olds!

They are, however, adorable.  It was a challenge in many ways.  While we only had 4 of the 6 kids on the class roll there….. that was plenty!  There is a girl in the class that is a little autistic, which brings challenges of its own, but I think one of the boys may be a little ADHD.  The two together was not a good mix.  It required keeping them separate to maintain any kind of reverence.   Part of the problem is that fact that none of them knew who we were.  (We, being my husband and myself)  We really were strangers to them.  I don’t think that helped the matter.  Plus…. honestly….. expecting a 4 year old to maintain reverence for a 3 hour block is kind of insane!   That’s one of the hard things about having all of our church meetings in three hours!  It’s hard for the little ones.

More of this kind of activity would have made the lesson a little more successful!

I learned a few things today.  Things I actually knew, but for some reason we have to experience them to remember!  I would do things a little differently next time.  Those activities I had planned….. yeah….. they need to be done!  Flexibility is kind of important too.  Sensing when they need a ‘wiggle’ break may make the lesson go better…… but then again, do they settle own afterward?  Forgetting the ‘treats’ wasn’t very smart either!  Good thing I could send hubby home for them quickly!

I’m grateful for their sweet little spirits.  Even though I wondered if what I was telling them sunk in….  I guess the comment from one of the Mom’s telling me how excited her son was to do ‘nice’ things for the family so he could fill his warm fuzzy jar let me know that he ‘heard’ what I said.  Often you wonder.  But I guess that’s the case no matter what age you teach!  And my husband got a hug from our little autistic girl.  I think that spoke volumes too.

I’m grateful for the opportunity.  I’m grateful for what I learned.  I’m not sure I’m ready to do it again anytime soon…. but I’m grateful I can appreciate Primary teachers a whole lot more now!!  Hopefully our cute students from today can fill their warm fuzzy jar full by doing kind things for others and giving service!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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