Devoted Sister

Sometimes words just can’t express how much a person deserves to be thanked.  Such is the case with telling my sister, Sherrie, how much I appreciate her.

My sister is a hard worker and wonderfully organized. She’s some what of a perfectionist too.  When she puts on a party, you can expect to find everything to perfection.  She’s the kind who goes all out to make sure things look just right, down to every detail.

I have to say that I admire her tenacity to always be clean.  Keeping a house clean everyday is not one of my strong points.  I wish it was!  I think she got that from our Dad.  Her house always looks immaculate.

Not only is she an organized hard worker, but she also manages everything with the care of our Mom.  Mom is in an Assisted Living place now.  We ended up needing to put her there after she had a stroke a few months after my Dad passed away 5 years ago.

Sherrie has been in charge of paying all the bills and making sure Moms needs are being met.  She keeps careful track of all the medications Mom takes and makes sure that when Mom has a Doctor appointment, that one of us is available to get her there.   Most of the time it has been her that takes her.

If Mom ever ends up in the hospital, Sherrie double checks all the meds she is getting to make sure the staff isn’t messing up.  Her experience with medical staff giving wrong meds stems from when her son was in the hospital after a very serious auto accident.  Ever since then, she watches like a hawk.  She has a running list of everything Mom takes and makes sure she is aware of any changes made by the Doctor.

She has spent more time with Mom than any of the rest of us.  Partially because she’s been the closet person to get to her most of the time, plus that’s just who Mom calls!  Sherrie is the one Mom reports everything to.  She’s very devoted.

She’s very devoted to her own family too.  She’s always there for them, through thick and thin.  She and her husband DeWayne, have been a huge support for their daughter who is trying to raise her own daughter by herself.  She’s been there for all of her kids when they needed her.  All of her grandkids love her dearly.

She isn’t the kind to show her emotions easily….  She keeps many things to herself…. But I know she loves and cares about those around her very deeply.

Her organizational skills have made her indispensable to the people she works for.  She’s one of the best Personal Assistants anyone could ask for.  You really couldn’t ask for any one better to be in charge of your needs.

Oh…. and to top all that off….. she’s beautiful besides!  Yeah…. just check out the picture!

I’m so grateful to her for her undying devotion to Mom…..And I know Mom is grateful too. Thanks for all you do for the family Sherrie.  Though you may feel unappreciated at times… believe me… What you do does not go unnoticed.  The family appreciates you more than you know.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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