Fresh Picked Homegrown Vine Ripened Tomatoes!

What more can I say besides the title of this blog?  I mean really?  There is NOTHING like a fresh picked vine ripened tomato!  You can’t buy them in the store that way, that’s for sure!  Harvest time is the best time to get them ‘maters in ya!

Unfortunately…. we live in a condo right now and don’t have a place to garden.  Even though we tried to do some container gardening…. the weather just didn’t cooperate much this year to get a good start on the tomato plants.  I think we killed 3 or 4 before we finally got this last one to grow.  So far we’ve had one small tomato off the plant and one more is growing!  Pitiful, I know!  I don’t think the weather will last much longer to see much more crop on it!

Luckily we live close to a few ‘permanent’ farmers market stands.  The one we stopped at the other day is on 12400 So and about 8th West.  As we walked in the man asked us what we were looking for.  I answered, “Tomatoes”.  He said…. “Fresh picked off the vine this morning”.  That’s what I like to hear!!  Since I don’t do canning anymore….. (probably should,  I know…)  we only picked up about 1/2 dozen to eat.  They may not be homegrown in my own garden….. but it’s the next best thing when you don’t have a garden!!  Love Farmer’s Market!

I sliced one of those babies up tonight to go with our dinner….. yum, yum!  There really is nothing like a vine ripened tomato!  I feel sorry for people who don’t like tomatoes.  If their only experience with a tomato is what they tasted in a restaurant, or something from the grocery store….. they haven’t really tasted a tomato!

My son pulls the tomato off of every burger he orders.  Says he doesn’t like them.  Can’t say I blame him pulling those off.  They aren’t that great.  I need to get him to try one of these yummy ripe tomatoes off the vine.  I’m sure he could taste the difference!

I’m grateful for this time of year so that we can have great tomatoes!  I just wish there was a way to preserve them in that fresh state!  Canned tomatoes just don’t do the same thing for me!!  Though I use them in cooking….. it’s not like eating a fresh tomato!!  Guess I better enjoy as many as I can and make some salsa too!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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