It’s Spooky Time Again!

I love Holidays!  This time of year begins 3 months of solid Holiday decor around my house.  Starting, of course, with Halloween!  Next to Christmas….. Halloween is the one Holiday that I have a LOT of decor for!  And I could still use more!  My husband would strongly disagree with this statement….

My Halloween Twig Tree!

I love the feel that setting up Fall decorations brings.  The weather starts to cool down, the leaves start to change color and soon it will be time to put on a pot of soup!  LOVE homemade soup!

I finally got all my Halloween/Fall decor up yesterday.  My favorite Halloween decor I have is my Halloween tree!  Several years ago I lucked into finding the cutest little twig tree.  I believe I got it at Taiwan Imports.  It’s just a plain little tree that pretty much looks like twigs….. but add the orange colored lights, fall ribbon, imitation gourds, Pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts, witches, and spiders…. and you have a Halloween Tree!  So much fun!

Soon it will be time to transform my Halloween tree to a Thanksgiving tree… I just remove the witches, spiders and ghosts… and add a few more really long legged scarecrows…. and Voila!  It doesn’t take much to make the rest of the house turn into Thanksgiving decor too.   Switching out imitation carved pumpkins for turkeys and pilgrims and we’re ready to go!  The worse part about all of it right now is that I won’t be around much the next few weeks to enjoy the Halloween decor!  But it’s all good!  I’ll be having a great time and I’ll be back when it counts!

The fun part of Halloween, for most people, is the trick or treating.  Well…. I don’t get many trick or treaters at my house.   We live in a Senior community and the only kids who drop by are an occasional Grand child of the neighbors.  The neighbor kids just don’t seem to put us in their loop.  But I’m OK with that.  One day I’ll have my own Grand kids to come trick or treating at my house and that’s probably all I’ll care about anyway!

I always loved the fun the kids had at Halloween.  It was fun when they were little to make costumes for them.  There weren’t many places you could buy ready made costumes like you can now a days.  As they got older, they just came up with their own creations.  As adults now…. they STILL come up with their own creations!!  Halloween parties are always fun.

Halloween’s a great time.  It’s the start of the Holiday season… a time I love!  I’m grateful that I can enjoy the Holidays ….. and that this round of decor is up and ready to enjoy!

What do you love about Halloween?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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