Oh My Fall!

View of Mt. Timpanogas at Sunset in the Fall

Every year when Fall hits, I want to take a drive up the canyon to enjoy the beautiful colors and season!  Unfortunately, it seems like we never take the time to do it and then the season is over.  But today…. we decided to squeeze in a short ride while the colors were brilliant and wonderful!

I so love the colors of Fall.  Every year as I see the trees starting to change on the Wasatch Front, It takes me back to my college days.  It was the time of year that I loved walking from my apartment onto the BYU campus.  It would start my day off just right.  There’s always some sentimental feelings involved when I reminisce about college.

After watching the Drowsy Chaperone, we decided to take the scenic way home through the canyon.  We went up through Provo Canyon and turned off up toward Sundance and  Aspen Grove.  It was beautiful!  We ended up going past the entrance to Timpanogas Cave and out American Fork Canyon.  While the drive only took about 45 min…. it was worth it!

Fall in Utah

I just wish I could have stopped to take some pictures.  The roads were so narrow that you couldn’t stop anywhere you wanted to… and the pull off areas didn’t have the view I wanted, so we didn’t stop!  But….. luckily, the internet is full of pictures of Autumn scenes that I can share.

I’m grateful for the Fall….. for the colors, for the cooler air and for the great memories it brings to mind!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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