Waiting Patiently…..

I love to go to Boutiques and Craft Fairs.  I very rarely buy anything….. that doesn’t mean I’m not tempted….  but I sure love to look at the things that people are creating.  That said….. my husband doesn’t care for that kind of stuff even a smidgen…… but BOY is he a good sport!

No.... this is NOT my husband.... My husband is much cuter! But this IS what he did all morning! Waiting Patiently.....

We are on a ‘softball’ vacation right now.  This weekend we are in between tournaments, so we had some free time.  I wanted to go check out the Saturday Market down here in the St. George area at Tuachan.   They supposedly would have some Farmer’s Markets booths there as well as the other craft booths.  At least that was my excuse to get him out there!  It was a perfect day for it….. finally.  The weather has been very cold this week in St. George…. so it was so nice to see the sunshine and blue skies!  It barely got into the 70’s today… but compared to what we’ve had…. it was heaven!

My husband tagged along with me as I checked out every booth at this Saturday Market.  And….. funny thing….. there wasn’t one booth there of Farmers!  Only crafters.  Yet he patiently hung out in the back ground while I looked at each booth, as well as checking out the Gift Shop at Tuachan.

Then I drug him down to the center of St. George city to go check out the celebration they were having called Dixie Spirit.  I believe it was commemorating the pioneer settlers coming to this area.  That one wasn’t at all what I expected!  Hardly any crafts at all and mostly booths advertising things….. like restaurants (which gave away samples or had meals to buy), cable and internet companies, Real Estate Agents…. etc..  There were a few booths with crafts… but not as many as I would have thought considering what it was.  But he still patiently tagged along!

So the morning was spent giving into my whims, and my husband graciously tagging along…. never grumbling….. never saying… “can you hurry?”…..  just patiently letting me get my craft fix in!  What a great guy!  I’m very lucky, I know!

I’m grateful to him for allowing me to stimulate the creative side of my head today.  I’m grateful for the crafters I saw that did that for me!  What a beautiful day here in Sunny St. George, and I’m grateful for that!   I look forward to another week in the sunshine here!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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