Just Chillin’

Most of our vacations as of late seem to be centered around softball tournaments.  Don’t get me wrong…. I’ll take any excuse to get away….  but we don’t always have much time to just relax and enjoy our surroundings at tournaments.

We’ve been in St. George for a week now.  My husband was playing softball all week last week for the Senior Games, which meant…. that’s pretty much all we did….other than visit and eat with our friends!  Which is an OK thing to do!  The weather was awful!  We look forward to this trip every year so we can enjoy the sun and warmth that has left Northern Utah by this time of year….. but it was cold and wet down here last week!  So….. even when we did have a little down time….. it wasn’t basking in the sun time!  Though I did spend some quality time with a dear friend on Friday after our games were over…. (while our husbands stayed at the ball park watching games, I might add….), it was still cold out and we spent that time in the condo.

Yesterday was the first really nice day since we’ve been here.  And we just chilled….. with the exception of going to the Saturday Market…. we pretty much chilled.  Today…… we really chilled.  Like a I put no makeup on chill day.  We even went out the to hot tub and while there, talked to several of the atheletes that had just arrived in town for Women’s Soccer for the Senior Games.  We napped…. took a drive around looking at subdivisions (some day we are going to buy a home down here… so we like to check things out when we are down), and just came home to chill for the rest of the night.

Can I just say…..  Ahhhhh……….!  It’s been lovely!  I’m so excited that the weather is clearing up and that this week is suppose to be gorgeous!  We don’t start playing ball again till Wednesday…. so we have two more days of bliss!  Even in the sunshine!  I’m hoping to brush up on my quickly fading tan…. as well as read and relax and just….. chill!

I’m grateful for some chill time on this vacation.  Once ball starts again this week, we’ll be at the ball park most of the time.  Unless of course we lose out quickly… then we’d have more chill time!  We’ll see what the week brings!  I’m just grateful to be here in the sunshine and to be healthy enough to enjoy it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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