Disciplining with Love

I witnessed today…. mostly by hearing I might add….. an extremely patient young Mother who lovingly disciplined her children.

I was laying out at the pool this morning and this young family was having a great time.  Now…. don’t get me wrong when I use the term discipline…. it’s not like her kids were being terrors.  They were just being kids!  Kids have a tendency to tease each other or do some things that parents don’t approve of…. especially around the pool.

This young Mom was as soft spoken as anyone I’ve heard when she talked to her children.  Not that she whispered….. she just never raised her voice and remained calm, no matter the situation.  Though there was a little reprimanding involved, she was very loving and calm about it…. which as studies show…. help the kids to remain calm.

In Doctrine and Covenants 121:43 it states:  “Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy”

I really thought of her as an example to this scripture as I listened to what went on around me.  I wasn’t ‘watching’ because I was basking in the sun with my eyes closed….. but I could hear it all.  The Father was very loving too.  It was just so pleasant to see a young family handling everything it this way.

Of course, it made me remember that I wasn’t very good at that sort of thing as a young Mom.  I know I can’t change the past…. but I can learn from examples and work to improve my relationship with future Grand children.  Perhaps, some would say, that patience comes with age….. that may be partly true….  but the Mom I heard today has learned it at a young age.

How much of how we discipline our children is a result of how we were raised?  Personally, I think it’s a lot.  I’m not putting my parents down at all….. it’s not like I remember shouting and screaming and beating or anything…. but I do remember some pretty harsh discipline at times.  I attribute that to the way they were raised.  Those kinds of things are cyclical.

I realize there are times when disciplining with love can be very hard.  But I think it’s an important concept to learn.  The sooner, the better.  It’s never too late to learn to do anything with more love in your intention!

I’m grateful for the example of this young family today.  Grateful for the reminder that things can be handled in a calm manner.  Grateful to her for not making it an uncomfortable situation to be around…… but a loving learning one instead!  We need more parents like them!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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