Oldies But Goodies

I know I’ve blogged about music before….  actually in several kinds of ways….. but I have been so grateful these last few days for the radio station we found down here while in St. George!  Even though the reception has been spotty since it’s a station out of Vegas… 104.7….  it has been so much fun to listen to when it did come through!

Most stations specialize in a certain kind of music.  Country, Pop, Rock, New Wave….. whatever.  Even the Oldies stations seem to limit the music they play to just a couple of decades.  At least the stations I have listened to have.  This station out of Vegas covered the gamut.  While I would classify it as an Easy Listening station….  they didn’t limit the decades they played music from.  It was so awesome!

Here’s just a very small list of some of the artists we heard the last week or so:  Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tom Jones, Rita Coolidge, Blood Sweat and Tears, Diana Ross, The Carpenters, Michael Buble, Rod Stewart….. and SO many more!  All music that I absolutely loved!  And they weren’t all necessarily blockbuster songs…. but songs I really remembered.  Every decade from the 1940’s on was represented during the time we heard it down here.  And the only time we listened was while we were in the car…  I think that says a lot for how much variety of decades they had, considering we spent a lot more time at the ball field or at home than in the car!

I would love to find a station that I can pick up from my home town area that does that big of a range of music.  It was what I would call ‘happy’ music for me!  Memory music…..  feel good music!

I’m grateful we found the station and that we were able to enjoy it for a short time.  I just wish we could continue to pick it up on our way to Arizona….. but I have a feeling we’ll be out of range!

I’m grateful for how music can make me feel and that I choose to listen to music that makes me feel good!  I love the Oldies but Goodies!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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