Hanging in the Country

Cock-a doodle-doo!  Good morning!  That was just one of the sounds that greeted us this morning.

We spent the night at our dear friends house, Joe and Lyn Wright in Coolidge, AZ.  They aren’t even here…. and they let us stay!  Such amazing people.

We have had a ball this morning walking around checking out their place and getting to know the critters.  The Chickens and Roosters thought we were going to feed them.  Lefty… their sweet Border Collie just wanted attention.  The cats did too.  Well…. at least one cat.  The other one could care less that we are even here.

My daughter came up from Tucson to meet us here and brought her dog, Daisy with her.  Now….. Daisy has struggled to be a very social animal.  Recently, we found out she has cataracts and wonder if that is one of the reasons she just barks and doesn’t seem to want to become friends.  Other than our dog, Scooter and my son’s dogs….. she’s never really been friends with many other animals….. so this has been interesting to have her here.

This is not their home... but it's the closest thing I could find that reminded me of it.....

She is having a ball though.  She’s finally decided that Lefty isn’t going to hurt her…. though she doesn’t seem to want to be friends with her.  She’s more interested in Rajah the cat.  However…. she doesn’t seem to want to be friends with her….. just bark at her till the cat takes a few swipes at her with her claws.  Then Daisy whines and turns around and comes back for more later.  Pretty funny to watch.

Then there’s the chickens.  At first she was a little leery of them…. but soon she wanted to chase them.  It’s been so good for Daisy to be here since she’s been kind of cooped up in Mandy’s little apartment and doesn’t get out much.  She has loved it.  I’m so glad she got some time to run and get out some of her energy.

Though I don’t know if I would like to live in the country permanently… I’m too much of a city girl…… I have so enjoyed getting an appreciation for how our friends live.  It so fits their personalities.  They are generous, wonderful people.  They’d give you the shirt off their back!   I’m so grateful to them for letting us stay here and enjoying their little patch of the country!  Thanks, Joe and Lyn….. we love you!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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