Comforting It Is….

Here’s just a short quick kudos to the hotel we are staying at this week……  The Comfort Inn in Phoenix, AZ….. and Comforting it is!

It’s not often that I’m very impressed with a mid range budget hotel.  They are usually slightly run down and the beds aren’t the most comfortable…..  but somehow, we lucked in to picking a newer Comfort Inn.  It’s very nice and our room is clean and comfortable.  Even the bed is pretty comfy, which is not usually the case for me.  And that….. is why I’m grateful for this place today!

By the time we return home in a few days, I will have been sleeping in a different bed for 3 weeks.  (3 different beds so far….)  I was really worried that the last week of our trip would be spent on a very uncomfortable hotel bed and that my back would start screaming: “Take me home!”….  But, I think I will survive this week after all!

Not only is the room and bed comfortable…. but it’s only about a mile away from the ball park, which makes it convenient for what we came here for.  We also found plenty of shopping centers and restaurants that aren’t too far away either, so I think we are pretty well set for the week!

I’m grateful that I happened upon this place and chose it out of several other hotels in the same area.  I look forward to trying the hot breakfast they serve in the morning.  That’s a convenient thing to have when you have to be at the ball park at 8:15am!  Stopping for breakfast somewhere can really add some time, not to mention cutting into my sleep time.

If you’re ever in the Phoenix area and are looking for a decent place to stay, (for a great price, I might add)….. check them out!  The Comfort Inn on 5152 Latham St..  Tell them Wanda sent you!  (Just kidding…. I don’t think it would do you any good to do that!)

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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