I Can’t Get Lost!

I really wonder how we ever got along without GPS systems or Google Maps!  I mean…. really?  I guess Rand McNally was the man in his day…. but it’s hard to imagine using just that now.  And how many maps would you have had to have in order to get around a big city?

My friend and I decided to go do some shopping today in this big city of Phoenix.  Places we had never been…. places only in the Phoenix area.  And of course…. the husbands had no desire to come along…. for a couple of reasons.  A– they were tired after two ball games and wanted to clean up and rest and B– they HATE shopping!  So off we went, just the two of us.

Thankfully, I have a GPS system in my car. I had written down all the addresses of the places we wanted to go, plus studied Google maps pretty good, so I had an idea of where we were going.  After entering the first address in the GPS system, we were off.

Now…. as much as I’m grateful for those things today, sometimes they do irritate me a little!  Especially when it says: “Remain on the current road, followed by a slight right”.  What the?  Because I didn’t look down at the GPS screen soon enough, we missed the first turn it was telling us to take….. mostly because I wasn’t sure it was saying to turn!  But that’s OK!  “Calculating Route” soon kicked in and off we went on the ‘plan B’ way to get there.  I kept thinking it would have me get off the freeway and turnaround and go back…. but it didn’t!  It just sent us another way!

We got there safe and sound, spent some time and money and then we were off to the next destination…. which turned out to be a very short stop… not at all what I thought it was.  Then our last shopping destination was put in the GPS and off we went again.

Honestly….. trying to find our way around to those places today without a GPS would have been a nightmare!  And yet, I know my husband and I used to do it all the time!  It’s just a whole lot easier with a GPS!  Especially in a big city that you aren’t familiar with.  The funny thing is…. I have a friend that used to call me ‘the navigator’ because when we traveled on trips together, I could always figure out our way around and get us back to the starting point better than anyone else.  I guess I’ve gotten lazy in my old age!  Actually…. I’m still pretty good with remembering directions.

OK, Honey…. I admit it…..  I’m grateful you insisted on buying that little Magellan…. even though I had to cancel my VZ- navigator to get it.  It’s come in pretty handy most of the time.   Though the software is a little outdated and it doesn’t always find the way in a newer areas…. it’s served us well and gets us around the older areas in a breeze.  Thanks to whomever invented those little wonders!   You made it so I can’t get lost!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

As an after thought….. wouldn’t it be nice in some ways if we could just purchase a GPS system to tell us how to get to our desired destination in life?  That would make it a whole lot easier, wouldn’t it?  However…. if it was like the GPS system we have…. it wouldn’t give you current updates as to where road construction and accidents were….. you’d just have to deal with it when you got there!  I guess that’s pretty much how life is anyway… right?  So why do you need an GPS for life?  I guess we just need to pay more attention when life is telling us we are off course…..  “Calculating route” would be a nice warning!


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