What Fun, What Fun!

Yesterday I told you how grateful I was to have a GPS system to get my friend and I around the Phoenix area.  Today…. I’m grateful for a the fun we had doing it!

I’ve been dabbling here and there with a little bit of jewelry making the last few years.  Recently, I made a Mother’s necklace for my friend that lives here in Arizona.  Cute necklace.  Very blingy, but it has all the names of her children on it.  She LOVED it!  She loved it so much, that she asked me to make two more for her daughters.  I’m happy to do that for her…. but the problem is…. the beads that I used to make her necklace with were purchased at the Gem Faire I went to in Salt Lake two years ago.  Consequently….. I was a little worried on finding more beads and for a good price like the ones I had already purchased.

Well…. no worries!  Our first excursion stop here in Phoenix (actually, Tempe for this one)….. was at Bead’s Galore!  What fun, what fun!  While they didn’t have all the kinds of beads I was hoping they would have…. they had a lot and I had a great time looking around.  I did find very similar beads to make two more Mother’s necklaces out of.  Hooray!  I’ve ordered beads online before, and you always worry that they won’t look quite the same as the picture…..  so it was nice to actually see some beads in person.  At least I know I can order more if needed.

Next…. after a quick stop at a fabric store that wasn’t quite what I expected…. we headed off to Trader Joe’s.  Neither one of us had been there before.  I’ve always heard things about it, but never been.  One of the wives of a team member on the softball team was talking about how much she loved it an mentioned a few of her favorite items.  Since I didn’t write all those items down…..  I couldn’t remember all of the things she mentioned.  Trudy and I each had a few things in our basket and were thinking about checking out when I decided to ask one of the sales clerks if there was anything in particular she would recommend us trying since it was our first trip there.  Oh my….. what fun, what fun!  This darling girl showed us all around Trader Joe’s and suggested several things for us to try and in a couple of cases said, “These are really good….. here, let’s just try some.”  Then she would open up the box and give us a sample.  The last box of crackers she opened up she started passing out to other customers that happened to be around the area.   Some of them even bought some!   It was pretty funny.

Well…. we left Trader Joe’s with plenty of things to try.  Since we are traveling, we couldn’t really try anything that was perishable…. but we found plenty of other treats that I’m sure we will enjoy!

We really did have a fun time and we were very glad we left the husbands at home!  I’m always grateful for good times, especially when they involve exploring new places and trying new things!  What fun, what fun!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


2 Replies to “What Fun, What Fun!”

  1. Wanda, I should have thought of Trader Joe’s I avoid it like the plague because I can so get in trouble there, they have a Root Beer that is addictive. I love good Root Beer and a Salsa that is to die for plus so many funky foods you can’t get anywhere. I am glad I have to drive to Mesa to get to one or I would be in trouble. I was always in trouble when we lived in Mesa. I have enjoyed our last two weeks together. Wish we lived closer. I am glad I will be up there in November so I can get a Wanda fix. You are a good friend to have. I love your stinkin guts. Miss Lyn

    1. It’s probably a good thing you didn’t tell me about it! �I’d heard of it before…. but one of the gals on the softball team kept carrying in her TJ bag and was telling us about all the good stuff they had! �We actually made another stop today on the way out at the Glendale store! �She let us try the Butter Waffle Cookies and we couldn’t resist! �It’s definitely a place to shop only once and a while! �Kind of like buying stuff at Knott’s Berry Farm…. ya know?

      See you a few weeks!

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