Done for the Season

I’m not gonna lie…..  even with as much fun as we’ve had the last few weeks….. I’m glad to be done with Softball for the Season.

Probably the biggest reason I’m grateful right now is because John has been having back problems the last s

everal weeks.  Three straight weeks of ball tournaments with several games a week, including several games the same day, can be rough on an aching back!

It was painful watching him play today.  I knew he was in a lot more pain than he was letting on to be, but since they had no extra players…. he had to hang in there and just get the job done.  Though he wasn’t able to play to his full potential…. I think he still did pretty darn good considering the pain he was in.

I’m grateful we have a few months to get his back in shape for next year.  He just needs some down time to get the inflammation down and get some therapy going on it.  He’s determined to stick with therapy so he’ll be in shape to play next Spring.  He loves this game and I know will play till he absolutely can’t anymore.  Which I predict will be a long way off!

We’ve had a great time the last couple of weeks.  We have some great friends on the ball teams and have a good time socializing outside of the games.  Though the guys continue to pretty much talk sports the whole time…. the women find other things to talk about!

I’m glad I’m able to support him in his love of Softball.  It’s made me some great friends and let me meet some people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

One in particular that has become a dear friend to me.  We are almost like soulmate sisters.  Even though we are different in so many ways, we are also alike in so many ways.  It’s just great fun to be with her…  and it’s the ball tournaments that bring us together

since she lives in Arizona and her husband only plays with us in a few tournaments a year.  Love ya, Lyn.  Good times.

Now, it’s time to take a breather, work on getting in better shape and be ready for more when Spring rolls around.  It’s been a great season of Softball.  March will be here before we know it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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