Dixie Days

Do you have memories of good times and friends from long ago?  Most of us probably do.  High School friends, college friends or even friends from any group of people that you were around a lot.

I have great friends from High School and College that still mean the world to me.  So does my husband.  However…. because of the circumstances…. I’ve had the opportunity over the years to get to know his friends from Dixie College really well.  They were a part of a group at Dixie known as Program Bureau which was directed by Roene DiFore.  I blogged about Roene a while back.  She was an amazing lady and brought together students from the college by giving them a class where they learned standard and fun songs with many of the lyrics changed to fit the Dixie Spirit.  Actually….. Program Bureau really became the Dixie Spirit!

These classes traveled around a little to perform for others.  Through those travels and also just getting to be good friends in class… they all became very close to each other.  Close enough that they wanted to maintain contact with each other.  Part of the success in that was Roene always inviting former students back every Spring and Fall during D-week and Homecoming to come to what she called ‘Midnight PB’ and sing all the old songs they sang when they were there.  It was a good excuse to get together a few times a year.

However, this group of friends has made an effort to meet together a little more often when they can.  We’ve spent New Year’s Eve with several of them that live in the Salt Lake area several times.  They are a fun group and I really enjoy being with them.  They’ve always made me feel a part of them, even though I never attended Dixie.

This weekend….  Dixie was celebrating their 100 year Anniversary.  So there were a few more activities and more effort made by many to come participate in them.  Luckily… we were on our way back from Phoenix and it fit right to stop for another day and ‘meet with the old gang’.

Though we didn’t attend everything…. we were able to attend the activities that were important to us, including last night at the BBQ at the Alumni house with the friends from the years John was there.  We had a great time.   Many had brought some old pictures they’d taken while they were in college.  Unfortunately…..  John never took any….. so it was fun to see the pictures others had taken.  And there were many with him in it.  It was fun to see him in those shots.  I didn’t meet John till several years after he attended Dixie…. so it was fun to see how cute he was!  (And still is of course!)  No wonder all the girls had a crush on him!

Then, this afternoon, we had another get together with many of those same people by having a luncheon at the home of Rick and Sheri Nielson’s home.  Rick and Sheri were at Dixie with the rest of the gang, and they opened up their beautiful home over in the Green Springs area to us for the luncheon.  Again…. we had a great time.  Got to hear Lou, Sue and Sharon sing and recorded my husband singing “Long Tall Texan/ Short Fat Utahn”  that he used to sing with PB.   We also played a little trivia by asking questions about things that happened during those Dixie days to see who knew the answers.  They were a crazy bunch back then…. did some pretty crazy things.  You’d think they must have been young back then or something!

I’m so grateful that John had the experiences he had in college and made such marvelous friends and that we can get together often and have such fun.  I love these great people!  It makes me wish that I made more of an effort to get together with some of my old college friends!

Though we’ll miss the activities this evening…… including Midnight PB…(which starts at 9pm now!)….  I’m thankful for Dixie celebrations that bring us all together and I’m grateful to his friends for making me feel like such a big part of them!  Love those Dixie Days!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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