Well…. obviously I wouldn’t be alive if I couldn’t breathe!  However…… what I’m really referring to here is being able to breathe well enough that I don’t need to open my mouth to get enough air!

I hate being plugged up in the nose!  Certain times of year are worse than others.  And I’m finding that certain areas of the country can make it worse than others too.

During our travels the last few weeks…. it seemed that I had more trouble breathing at night time than I normally do at home.  I hate not breathing well at night!  I wake up with a parched mouth from it hanging open all night…. it’s not a fun thing!  The last few nights since we’ve been home, I’ve been breathing better and I’m so grateful!  It makes sleeping much more pleasant!

Breathing is something we just take for granted until we have a hard time doing it.  It’s just a function of our body, like many others, that just happens without much of our attention.

I’m grateful that my breathing is mostly a mindless, natural thing for me!  But I’m especially grateful when my sinuses are clear enough to breath with my mouth closed!  But, then again….. even if I had to breathe through my mouth…. I’d be grateful for that!  It’s better than the alternative!

I am Grateful!  How are you!


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