Miracle of Life

Yesterday…. I posted about being grateful to breathe!  It got me thinking…. about the whole body thing and all.  I’ve blogged about being grateful for a few body parts in the past (ie., legs, eyes…etc.)  …. but for some reason…  I started envisioning a baby when I was thinking about the body, which led me to think about the miracle of life.

I try to look for signs that you are doing what you should be doing.  They aren’t always obvious.  Then today…. someone posted a picture on FB that was a confirmation to me that I needed to be grateful for the Miracle of Life!

A few years ago…. we had a traveling exhibit called Body Worlds come through Salt Lake that was on exhibit at the Leonardo Museum.   It was actual cadavers that science had used to show the wonders of the body.  They preserved the bodies with a technique called plastination, which allows them to reveal the inner anatomical structure of the body.  They were put into beautiful poses where you could see all of the muscles in the body.  Sometime they bodies were split in half or opened up so you could see where the organs would be.

I suppose some people would find this whole idea gory…. but I was fascinated by it!  It’s so amazing to see how the inside of the body works.  One of the most fascinating areas to me was the one where they showed the growth of an embryo inside a mother’s womb.  They had one at every stage in pregnancy so you could see how the body developed each month.  It was a testimony to me that there really is a little human inside the mother’s womb at very early on!  It was intriguing.  I’ve seen pictures, sketches of each stage of a babies development… but to see an actual ‘baby’ was amazing to me!

Another fascinating part to me was a display that showed ONLY the blood vessels inside the head.  There were millions of them!  I’ll never know how they did it…. but it was fascinating to see blood vessels seemingly ‘floating’ in the air in the shape of a head.  Amazing.  It’s things like this that really are a testament to the miracle of life!

Have you ever just stared at a healthy newborn baby and been amazed at how every little tiny body part on them is perfect?  I can remember just studying the tiny feet of each of my kids.  Looking at each toe, and the creases on the bottom of their feet….  Looking at their hands.  How long the fingers were…..  Perfect little noses and eyes and ears……  It was all perfect and amazing to me.    What a beautiful thing!

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...
Image via Wikipedia

I’m so grateful for the miracle of life!  I’m grateful that I was able to be a small part of that miracle 3 times and each time was blessed with a beautiful healthy child!  How blessed we are to have an amazing body that was created by our Maker.  How can you not know that it was all designed by a greater power?

It should give us all cause to take the time and effort needed to take care of the beautiful body we’ve each been given….. to take care of this miracle of life!  So much of that can be done by just the personal choices we make.

I hope you’ll take the time to take care of your body and the wonderful Miracle of Life you’ve been blessed with!  YOU are a miracle!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Here are a couple of videos regarding the Body Worlds Tour.  They were filmed a few years ago.  I hope you find them fascinating.


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