Good Timing

Once again…. we have been watched over.  Of course it happens all the time….. more than we all realize.  But when it’s obvious….. we definitely notice!

We’ve put around 2000 miles on our car in the last month.  A lot of traveling.  The close call incidence that happened to me right before we left that I blogged about a few weeks ago…..  forced us to get new tires for the car.  It was a good thing too…. with all the traveling we did…. It made the car’s ride much smoother than it had been in a long time.

We’ve been having a ‘starting’ issue with the car for a while.  Sometimes it takes up to 30 times or so to try and start the car before it will start.  Other times it starts right off the first time.  My husband has done everything he could to try and figure out the problem….. he’s a mechanic….. but he hasn’t been able to determine the problem yet.

Luckily on the trip, we didn’t have too many problems with the car starting.  We had some…. but we never had a time when it wouldn’t start.  But…. I’ve worried that it would decide to be a permanent problem at an inconvenient time.  Like…. while we were gone!  But we had a safe trip with no incidences…. which I’m very grateful for!

However….. today as we were leaving the temple…. we had a major issue.  The car started after a few trys….. but then we had a warning on the dash that the engine was ‘running on reduced power’.  It was sputtering and missing.  It almost sounded like we’d have to push the car home!  Luckily…. it went into what my husband referred to as ‘limp home mode’….. which is pretty much what we did….. limp home!!  But at least we made it!  Thanks heavens we are only a few miles from the temple.

Though John hasn’t figured out the problem yet and the car seems to be working fine now….. (which is so typical….right?)  I’m SO grateful that it didn’t happen while we were on our trip!  There’s nothing worse than having car trouble on the road.  Even worse is knowing that you (my husband anyway)….. could most likely fix the problem, but having no access to a place or equipment to do that can be frustrating!  He doesn’t like paying others for things he knows he can do himself.

At least we are out of the blue for now….. hopefully he can figure it soon.  We have no plans to travel for a while…. so if it happens again…. we shouldn’t be too far from home!  I’m grateful John is a mechanic!  It has saved us a lot of money over the years.  Though it’s not a ‘hobby’ that he just loves to do…. he was an automotive teacher, so teaching it was a career…..  he does it when he needs too.  I’m grateful for that ability.

Thankfully we didn’t get stuck somewhere today and we made it home.  Slow….. ‘Limp home mode’ …..  but we made it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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