Medical Professionals

I recently read a letter from my nephew who is serving a mission in the Phillapines.  He talked about an experience he just went through with a member of his ward that was having a serious medical issue.

Part of the letter talked about how hard it was to get this man help and then once he was at the hospital…. that the nurses wouldn’t even do the things they were suppose to do to keep him alive.  Now…. I don’t know all the details….  but I do know that I could tell in his letter that he didn’t feel the medical care the man received was very good.

It made me wonder that if the same health condition had happened to this man here in the states….. would he have received better care?  The man died, by the way.  Could his health have improved to a full recovery if given the kind of care that he most likely would have received here?  Again…. I don’t know all the details…. his letter didn’t get that specific.  But it did make me grateful for the medical care we can receive here in the USA. 

I know that there is a lot of debate and controversy about our health care system.  However…. I believe the debate is about how that care ought to be paid for, etc. …. not about the capabilities of the doctors giving the care.  We may need some kind of medical reform here….  we made need to make health care more affordable…..  but at least our doctors and health care professionals are trained to take care of our medical needs….. not just walk away and refuse to administer to our medical needs.

I’m not here to get into a debate about whether or not you think health care needs reform or whether or not you think they administer unnecessary treatment…. all of those things are debatable.  My point is…. that I’m grateful that our doctors are trained to give the best of care they know how.  And that we have clean and modern facilities to take care of that.

I’m not one who likes to go to the doctor much or take prescriptions.  I prefer to do more preventative care by taking care of myself or by natural healing ….  but…. If I were ever in a serious accident or needed immediate medical care here in the USA….  I wouldn’t hesitate getting it.

That’s not to say that many other countries don’t have great doctors and medical care for it’s citizens.  I’m sure there are many who do.  And to those doctors and professionals… I’m grateful for you too!  It’s possible you could be caring for someone I care about sometime.

My gratitude for well trained and caring Medical Professionals goes well beyond the U.S. borders.  I’m grateful for the time all of you took to learn your profession and to administer it well and with care.  I have been around doctors who’s attitude was a little cold…. and I must say…. I prefer one who has a genuine concern for your welfare!  It makes the healing process much more pleasant!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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