Helping Hands

It’s amazing what things get done around the house when you know you are having company.  Especially when the company’s not yours…. and your son prefers the house to be in order for his friends.

Our son, Nate is having a Halloween party here tomorrow night.  The basement hasn’t really been cleaned well since he moved back in with us a few months ago.  There were still a few of his personal items that hadn’t found a home.  They are still in a ‘temporary’ place for now…. but at least they are out of sight!

He informed me yesterday that Saturday would be the only day he had time to help clean since he was working on Monday till pretty late.  Of course, he wanted my help.  But…. I must say…..  I was very impressed and proud about how much of it he did on his own.  Even to the point of moving the big sectional couch out of  the way so the floors could be swept and cleaned under neath.  We have cork flooring through out our basement…. so a vacuum, broom and a Swiffer was all we needed!

He moved the furniture and vacuumed the floor while I followed with the Swiffer.  Then, he surprised me even further by pulling out the attachment to the vacuum and using it to dust the book shelves and a few other furniture items.  I was pleased and amazed with the amount of work he put into making it look nice down there.

I still have a few things to do to finish up the cleaning down there, but not much….. and then I need to do the same upstairs.  But, I really can’t say how much I appreciate his help in the basement.  I think he was even a little surprised at how much time it took…  Maybe he should have parties here more often!  <grin>

I’m grateful for the helping hands that Nate gave yesterday and I know the help that I will get from my hubby tomorrow to finish the job upstairs.  It’s always nice to have everything fresh.  It feels much better having company over when it is!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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