Party On!

We have a lovely home.  It’s quite a bit bigger than the home we lived in for 21 years where my kids pretty much grew up.

Our home in Murray was nice….. We did a bunch of remodeling when we bought it…. But it wasn’t what I would call ‘roomy’.  It was adequate for our family, but not really big enough for the kids to have a large group of friends over and feel like they had room for everybody.  At least not to their standards.  When you have friends who have larger homes than yours with lots of room for partying…. Then doing it at your own home isn’t as appealing.

I would have loved to have to kids bring their friends over while they were growing up, but it always seemed they preferred to go the homes that were a little larger than ours.

The party gang!

Well…. Now we have a lovely home with a very large family room with a second kitchen… perfect for parties…. But we just haven’t had many parties here!  Family gatherings…. but not parties.

Tonight…. My son and his friends decided to have their Halloween get together at our house.  I mentioned yesterday how great Nate was about helping to get the house cleaned up for it.  And now…. We, my husband and I, are sitting upstairs doing our thing…. (reading, blogging, etc.) and we can hear the laughter of voices coming from the basement!  It’s a great feeling.

As much as we enjoy our peace and quiet here in this little Senior Community…. It’s great to have the sound of people having a good time ringing through our walls.

I’m grateful that we finally have a place large enough that our kids want to have a get together with their friends here.  Our intention when we finished off the basement here was to have a nice big room that we could get the whole family together in and enjoy the space.  Since our family numbers have not been increasing…. (Meaning we have no grand children and there are none on the horizon…..  Of course, Mom, being old fashioned, would prefer a few weddings first…..)  it’s nice to put that great family room to use.

I’m grateful to be so blessed with a lovely home…  a home that our kids enjoy being in.  One that I hope they will continue to feel they can bring their friends to and enjoy!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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