The Drowsy Chaperone

I have to comment on this show.  It’s one of my all time new favorites!  I took the opportunity to see it this afternoon at Hale Theater in Orem.

The first time I heard about this show was the year it came out on Broadway.  My son Jon and his girlfriend Ali were in New York and saw it there.  They came home and ranted and raved about how wonderful and funny it was.  When I heard that Hale Theater in West Valley was doing it last Summer….  I wanted to audition since I had become familiar with the music and had fallen in love with it.  Though I didn’t get to be in the show last Summer at HCTWV….. I saw it several times.  It was so good!

I was lucky enough to catch one of the last two performances at HCTO today.  A few of the same cast members that did it last Summer were in it again today.  I’m not gonna lie….. I wanted to see Darick Pead play Aldopho again…  He’s brilliant in the role!  And Marcie is wonderful as the Chaperone.  I envy you girl!

I have to say…. that even though HCTO is a much smaller place than HCTWV…. I was very impressed with how they pulled it off.  It didn’t have a lot of the neat technical stuff from last years show….. but they did very well with it.  The performances were very well done.  Keep in mind that it was the same Director that did both shows…. so he had to make adaptions to the smaller space…. and he did it very well.  I thought the building of the ‘airplane’ out of prop pieces was a very clever idea!  It worked very well!

Kudos to the cast of HCTO!  Kudos to the Director and the staff.  I’m always amazed at how well they use that tiny space!  I would hope that someday they can build the larger theater they were hoping to build before the economy went South!

I’m sorry if you locals didn’t catch it.  If you’ve never seen it…. you can try again next March when Centerpoint Legacy Theater in Centerville does it.  I hope to be a part of it then!  We’ll see what time brings!

Thanks for giving me a great few hours today HCTO Drowsy cast!  Best to each of you on your next project!  I love theater!

I am Grateful!  How are you?