Full Rivers

I had a thought today as I was driving home today and crossed over the Jordan River by my house.  The River is still running quite full.  It seems to be as full as it was in the Spring when we were having Spring run off.

It occurred to me that the river has been running that high all year long.  It’s actually been blocking the park trail way under 12600 South making it impassable and necessary to go up over the road for anyone who wants to walk or ride the entire trail.  While that has been a bit inconvenient for trail goers…. I realized that all that extra water must be a sign of a good water year.  Much of the water that flows down the Jordan River comes from run off of Utah Lake.  They have been draining the lake since March or so and the river has continued to run high since then.

I’m assuming the purpose for continual draining of Utah Lake is in anticipation of another very wet winter….. and that…. is something to be grateful for!  As much as I don’t like driving in the snow…. it means that we’ll have moisture when we need it next summer to irrigate crops and to use for our other water needs.  That’s a blessing.  Many areas of the world are and have been experiencing a drought…..  which is not a fun thing…. so I’ll be grateful for the moisture!

I don’t know what kind of winter is ahead of us….  but I’m sure it bring us more moisture to be grateful for.  I just hope I don’t have to drive in an awful storm!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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