I love ‘aha’ moments…… learning moments…… moments when you can draw a clear analogy with something to make a good teaching point.  Yep…. love those.  I taught myself something today doing that very thing!

I’ve been trying to be on a quest for self improvement.  It’s not always an easy thing to do.  It’s easy to get distracted or think “I’ll do it later”….. that’s the way it is with so many things.  I’m far from being perfect….. Heaven knows that!  I joked with my husband last night when he replied to something I asked with “I don’t know…..”  because very often he replies (joking of course) with, ” Because, I know everything!”   So I told him he was confusing me……  I asked him…. “Do you or do you not know everything?”   We laughed and said it seems that it’s only teenagers that seem to know everything!   The minute the rest of us think we know everything…… we are in BIG trouble!

Life is all about learning.  Constantly….. that’s really what we are here for.  The sad part is so many of us don’t have the desire or the wisdom to know that we can become so much more if we would only put in some time and effort.  We seem to allow ourselves to be pacified with the ordinary.  With the everyday things instead of learning all we can.

This thought all came about today as I was thinking about my phone.  The other day I hit a button on there that activated a feature that I had NO idea my phone would even do!  Now….. I’ll admit it…. when I got my phone, I NEVER went through the manual to learn all that it was capable of doing.  I just learned through trial and error what I needed to know about my phone to get by.  You know….. I learned the basics.  It’s gotten me through for about 3 years or so now….. why would I need to know more at this point?  And yet….. this feature that I accidentally activated was a short cut to a feature that I use all the time!  Now I can’t even remember what I did to make it happen!

Here’s my excuse for not taking the time at this point to learn what my phone is capable of doing…..  I want a new phone!  Why would I take time to finally learn something about an old phone that I’m about to get rid of?  Here’s the catch….. the phone I want will have a MUCH bigger learning curve to it that the one I currently have.  It will have many many more features than I’ve ever used and may even perhaps have more features than I feel it’s necessary for me to use or learn.  BUT….. it will have them!  It has the potential to be much more of a phone then I may take the time to learn.

Why wouldn’t I want to learn it?  Time….. it takes time.  It’s something we have to feel is important enough to take the time to learn.  We can all find other things to do with our time.  I’m hoping that I will spend more time learning about a new phone than I did my old one.  There will be features that I will for sure want to know about.  If it’s important to me, or I understand how it can benefit me and make my life easier…. then I will be more apt to take the time to learn how to use the features.  (I’ll admit, however…. I prefer to be ‘shown’ how and not have to read the manual!)

Isn’t that the way life is too?  We all have the potential to be so much more than we are.  Maybe we don’t come with ‘manual’s to explain the features we individually have…. it’s more of a trial and error process to learn about ourselves…..  but we can all be so much more than we currently are!  And why aren’t we all we can be?  TIME!  It takes time, effort and desire to want to make improvements in our lives.  BUT…. if we can see the value and the benefit and how much ‘easier’ our life would be with some of the skills and character traits that we develop with self improvement….. then it becomes more of a priority to us to make the time and sacrifices to become all we can.

Oh yes….. there are definitely sacrifices involved in self improvement.  You just may have to miss that mindless TV program you love watching and put some effort into reading a book…. or listening to a self improvement talk or video.  It takes TIME…. it takes study…. it takes applying the things you learn.   But our potential is so vastly improved by doing it….. it’s a wonder that we need to even think or debate with ourselves whether we think it’s worth putting in the time it takes.

Taking it one bite at a time can help.  Just making a few minutes in our day to move down that road to discovering our potential will at least start our journey on that road!  It can be a slow trip or a fast one…. depending on our choices….. but at least we are moving in that direction.

I’m grateful for that ‘aha’ analogy that came to me today.  I know how important it is to take the time I need to become the person I want to be.  It’s not always easy….. sometimes I would rather just slip back into the old habitual daily routines.  But how much better off I’ll be if I take the time to really find out my potential!

Just like the new phone I anticipate getting soon……   I’ll be much better off if I take the time I need to learn it’s features so I can use it to it’s full potential!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


Here’s some great advice from one of my favorite people…. Jim Rohn

Why not you?  Why not now?



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