Recycle — Repurpose!

Obviously, as I’ve mentioned before…. I like new things.  New cars, new houses, new clothes….. etc.  BUT….. don’t be misled by me saying I like new things.  I’m not opposed to old things either!  (I can hear my hubby laughing as he reads this….)

Though there are many things that I would prefer to be new….. there are many other things that I like that have been recycled or repurposed.   There’s something to be said for some things old.  Though I don’t have any in my house….. I love antique furniture.  I enjoy seeing homes where people have tastefully worked that into their decor.

I like the eclectic look.  A mixed look…..  not a set style.  To me it gives you the freedom to use what you like.  If it speaks to you… it’s OK.  That’s what all the modern day decorators say too.   It seems the styles of home decor have changed over the years since I took my Interior Design class in college.  Back then…. it was still proper to decorate in a certain ‘style’.  You didn’t mix styles.  But now… it’s almost the norm to mix and blend styles.  I actually really like that.

Pretty sure I would have never come up with this idea.... but it's a pretty cool piece of wall art! Clever people!

Our parents parents were raised with the philosophy of “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”  That’s almost a foreign concept to many people today.  Of course…. I think it came about in a time when many things were scarce.  It was almost a necessity to learn to do without and to recycle.  Now a days it’s a choice for most people.  And not a bad one at that!

I love it when people repurpose things.  There’s so many examples of this…..  cutting up a piece of clothing and using the scraps for other things.  Taking a piece of furniture and painting it to give it new life and a new purpose.  Or, like my son’s girlfriend has been doing lately…. taking an old statue or figurine…. painting it a bright color and making it a new piece of art and conversation piece.

There’s so many ways we can recycle things and make them useful again.  It certainly is helpful to our environment to do that.  However….. there’s nothing wrong with donating things you don’t want anymore and letting someone else get use out of it either!  Then they are doing their part to recycle.

I’m grateful for people who recycle and repurpose.  Some of them are extremely creative.  Every once and a while I get an urge to be creative with repurposing too!  But it’s not often!

I am Grateful!  How are You?

This post makes me want to get going on my recycled headboard idea I had years ago.  The head board is in the attic…. waiting to be repurposed into a bench.  I should do it in time for Thanksgiving!!!


2 Replies to “Recycle — Repurpose!”

  1. Wanda, my friend I will be so sad when the year is up. I can’t believe your discipline, it is amazing and you are amazing. You know I recycle and repurpose but some things should stay the same, like friends like you. We have only spent maybe 20 days together and yet I love you like a sister. Do not ever change…..

  2. More than a Sister, Lyn! Sister’s fight and don’t get along sometimes…. 🙂 You are a good and special friend to me. I don’t plan on stopping completely with this blog….. just not as often. It has been a big commitment!

    You are one of the Recycle and Repurpose queens! And I love you for it! I love that everything is a ‘canvas’ to you! And you have the talent to turn it into something beautiful!

    Thanks for your support my dear!

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