My Theater Peeps

One of the most rewarding things about being in a live theater show is the friends you make!!  I’ve been blessed to make many of them over the years.

It never ceases to amaze me how close I can get to some of them during the run of the show with the intention of staying in touch….. but we don’t….. and then several years later seeing them somewhere and saying “How do I know you?”  I HATE that!  But, unfortunately it happens!  At least to me!

That’s one reason why I’ve been grateful for Facebook….. it keeps me in touch with those people so I don’t forget who they are!!  Maybe you don’t have that problem…. not remembering someone you didn’t think you’d ever forget….  maybe it’s just cause I’m getting older…. I don’t know!  But I’m glad FB can keep me in touch with so many of them now!

Today…. I got to stay in touch with a few theater friends over lunch!  Yeah!  Those are the best kinds of ‘staying in touch’ moments!  This crowd was a few of my BINGO peeps.  Yep…. BINGO!  No…. I don’t frequent a Bingo hall….. though it might be kind of fun to do sometime…. The show is called BINGO the Musical and yes…. you guessed it!  It’s about BINGO!  It’s a funny show with some really fun music, eccentric characters and a chance to just have fun!

Just a few members of the BINGO cast..... Me, Camille, Erica and Loria

Of course….. I’m not being biased at all….. but we had a darn good cast!  And it was directed by one of my all time favorite directors, Jim Christian, who joined us for lunch today!  The only draw back doing that show is that we didn’t have very big audiences!  Of course, the auditorium is huge at the Grand Theater… so it’s hard to fill all the seats…. but I think because the show wasn’t a well known show, it didn’t draw the crowds that other well known shows might.  All I can say to that is…. You missed out!  The crowds we did have were great and loved the show!

It was great today to sit and visit and catch up a little, laugh a little and of course have great food to boot!  There really is something special and unique about theater people.  We usually aren’t very inhibited, which makes us pretty darn fun to be around!  Of course…. there maybe some very refined people who would disagree….. but then…. do they really even know how to have fun? <grin>

I’m grateful I could spend time with a few theater friends today.   Thanks, Erica, Loria and Jim (we missed the rest of you!)  I’m grateful for the friendships I have formed over the years doing theater!  They really are great people.  And….. if by chance you see me one day and you’ve done a show with me in the past and I don’t remember you…… Please forgive me!  Just remember I’m probably older than you and just remind me of our connection and let’s get reacquainted again!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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