Stay At Home Mom

The other day I was thinking about my life…. and I suddenly realized how lucky I was that I had always been able to be a stay at home Mom!  What a blessing for me, my children and my husband.

I wonder how much my kids would consider me a stay at home Mom since there was a 6 year period during their teen years that I actually had a business with a friend teaching young kids in a performing group called Spotlight Sensations.  Though they were all involved in one or more of the classes of that business, it still meant that I was gone a few hours after school a few nights a week.  I guess during those times they had to fend for themselves for dinner…. though I know my husband was always willing to fix them something.  But, I think I always had a lot of those quick ‘throw it in the microwave’ type convenient foods around.  That’s the one bad thing about it being during their teen years….. my youngest son doesn’t remember me cooking much…. but I sure did when they were little!

In spite of that 6 year period…. I was still what I consider a stay at home Mom.  When they were little, I was always available if they needed something at school.  And during those young years before they were old enough for public school, I was there to take care of them.  I even participated in teaching in a parent co-op nursery school in those preschool years.  I was available to support them in some of their extra curricular activities.  I think that pretty much qualifies as being a stay at home Mom!

My business never really brought in any extra money…. it just paid expenses and we were rewarded emotionally by working with those kids.  It was a great experience.  We didn’t start the business because we felt like we needed more money…. it was just something my friend and I wanted to do, plus it gave us a place for our own children to learn the skills that we were teaching.  (Though some of our own kids fought us tooth and nail about being a part of it back then…. I think they might actually admit that they are grateful now…. and even had fun!)

Unfortunately…. there are so many people that are forced to have both parents work in order to get by.  I was so lucky that we were able to live on my husband’s income.  We didn’t live in the ‘richest’ part of town, but we certainly weren’t in the poorest  part either.  We were blessed with a lovely home and great neighbors and friends for our kids.  (Of course, by the standards of poor countries…… we were and are rich!!)  Our kids had all of their ‘needs’ met. They may not have received all their ‘wants’….. but they were never without what they needed!

I’m so grateful that I was blessed to find a husband that had a good job and owned a home when we got married.  I realize not everyone is that lucky when they are newlyweds.  I consider myself very blessed.  I’m grateful I was there for my kids pretty much when they needed me.  I’m grateful that we learned to live on what we had and never had to go without and that I was able to be home with them!  And…. in case my kids forgot…. they were doubly blessed in the Summer because both Mom and Dad were home!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


As a side note…. while I was looking for a picture to post with this…. I suddenly remember what a busy Mom I was!  Amazing how you can kind of forget that thing after you get through it!


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