Learning Lessons the Hard Way

Ah…. it’s always fun when you learn life’s lessons the hard way!  This one is kind of funny though.

Let’s just start off by telling you what a wonderful salad I made for my husband and I today for lunch!  After a long morning at the temple, we came home tired and hungry.  Since we didn’t have any bread defrosted to make a nice sandwich…. the next best thing we had stuff for was a salad.  It’s actually a lot more work making a salad than a sandwich since I have to chop up all the vegetables and such…. but make it I did!

We had some nice fresh wonderfully crisp romaine lettuce that we got last Saturday from Bountiful Baskets.  That was a good start.  Then I added spinach, cut up some radishes and tomatoes.  I had some leftover cooked quinoa that I added, some sliced almonds and cheese and then I remembered that I had a cucumber in the fridge, so I cut that up and put that on too.  Topped it off with some nice Ranch Dressing and brought it over to my hubby so we could eat.

As I took a bite of the salad, I said to my husband, “Ooh… this cucumber tastes weird.  It takes like soap or something!”  He agreed that it wasn’t very good so I started moving the cucumbers off my salad.  As I continued to eat my salad…. which wasn’t tasting very good….. my husband said… “Actually, the whole thing tastes a little soapy.”

Then….. he said to me…. “Did you use the cutting board that I cleaned those glass Roosters on?”  OH-MY-GOSH!   What did he just say??????

I usually try and rinse off cutting boards when I’m through with them, but they don’t always get washed because I’m not very good about getting my dishes done everyday.  So often, I will grab the cutting board and use it again (unless of course it was meat…. then it gets washed!) to cut vegetables.  I also use plastic cutting boards, not wood.

So here’s what happened.  Last night we were doing a little cleaning in the kitchen getting ready for company tomorrow.  I decided that my Rooster figurines were looking pretty greasy, so we got them down to wash.  Since the big one had a big piece of felt on the bottom, we didn’t want to get the whole thing wet.  So the next thing to washing them in the sink was to spray it with some cleaner and then wipe it clean.

I have 4 really small rooster figurines as well as the large one.  Apparently, my husband set them on the cutting board I had just used to cut the bread up for our dressing for the turkey.  He was spraying and cleaning them while they were sitting on the cutting board.  Obviously…. I wasn’t paying attention at ALL to the fact that he was cleaning those over the cutting board.

OK…. I admit it…. I didn’t get the dishes done last night, so the cutting board was still sitting on the counter this afternoon.  Well…. it looked clean!  <grin>  and it was just bread crumbs after all … right?  So why wouldn’t I just use it to cut the vegetables?

Well…. you’ve probably figured out the reason why our salads tasted like cleaning soap today!  Needless to say….. they ended up down the garbage disposal!  I wasn’t in the mood to start over with a new salad.  Consequently….. our lunch wasn’t much.  I think I remember eating a banana and sharing the rest of the cucumber that I didn’t cut on the cutting board.  Not much of a lunch.

So… I learned a lesson the hard way today…. at the expense of throwing out all the makings for a salad and then not having much to eat afterwards!

I’m grateful for the lesson.  I will be much more conscious of making sure I am using a clean cutting board from now on.  And by clean, I mean….. the cleaner is rinsed off!!!   Oh….. I made sure of that already today!   As I was starting my prep for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I decided to use a clean cutting board out of the cupboard instead on the one with cleaner on it that still hadn’t been washed!

Great lessons learned….but not so great consequences!  I guess that’s what it takes sometimes to make us more aware of the things we are doing!!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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