Karaoke Tracks

No…. I’m not a Karaoke person…. not in the traditional way anyway!  I don’t go to Karaoke clubs and sing.  I’m not really into that.  I did sing for the Karaoke contest on the cruise we went on a few years ago…. but I don’t do Karaoke clubs.  Not that I might not enjoy it…. I’ve just never tried, and most of the places that do that are not the kind of atmosphere I want to be around all night.  But I am very grateful for Karaoke tracks!

I’m a performer.  Have been a good portion of my life.  I’ve been blessed to be able to perform with some college friends for the last…..  (ahem)…. 30 or so years.  I remember when Karaoke tracks started being made available to the public.  They were first referred to as minus one tracks, or minus tracks, meaning the track was without or minus the lead vocal.  That was before the oriental name Karaoke started to stick.  They weren’t very available in the USA for a while.  Luckily…. I was on a DOD tour (similar to a USO tour, just sponsored by a different department) when Karaoke tracks started to become popular, so we bought a few over seas.  I guess that’s the first time I even knew they were available.

Prior to Karaoke tracks, most of my performing days have been with live music…. which is really fun… I actually prefer it!  But that can’t always happen.  So when Karaoke tracks started to become more popular, my friends and I started doing  a few ‘gigs’ without the band because we didn’t have to charge as much.  Though we still love to perform with live music…. we are still doing shows with minus tracks.

Thankfully those tracks allow us to perform as often as we can.  Which, actually as of late, has not been as much as we would like!  There are so many performing groups out there that you really have to advertise today to make yourself known.  One of these days I will talk my friends into stopping long enough to get a head shot photo of us taken so we can at least start a Facebook fan page!

Thanks to Karaoke tracks, I made a Christmas album a few years ago.  It was just for fun and I did it for my parents.  However… it has become popular with many of my friends and family.  It’s not available on iTunes because I’ve never cleared the rights to use the tracks.  Someday I will do that.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy performing to Karaoke tracks with my friends and even occasionally by myself!  I’m grateful for those opportunities to do so!  My friends and I have two shows coming up in the next 10 days!  I’m excited to sing with them and to get into the Christmas spirit by doing so!!

Do you love singing to Karaoke tracks?

I am Grateful!  How are You?

(Come back to this post in a day or so and I will have posted a youtube video of one of my Christmas songs….. I just need to make it first!)

In the meantime….. I guess I can post this one I did this summer for a….. contest!!!


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