I’m Not Homeless!

In these economic times, I have to reiterate how grateful I am that I have a home to live in and the all things I need and more.  I just saw a segment on 60 minutes tonight that talked about how many homeless families there are that are forced to live in their cars or trucks because they have no where else to go.

It made me so grateful for what I have.  Not just having a house to live in, but the fact that my husband was blessed to have had a career that he worked for 31 years and was able to retire with benefits.  That’s an usual thing today.  Most people need to plan for their own retirement because they won’t be getting a pension plan from their employer.

Luckily, my husband was a school teacher and had those benefits and was able to retire. Thankfully, over the years we have always had a lovely home to live in and continue to live in a very blessed situation.

I know I’ve mentioned having a home as something to be grateful for before….. but the segment on 60 minutes tonight just really brought it back to light in my mind.  I do have to say how impressed I was with the people they interviewed that were living in those conditions.  One family in particular.  They interviewed the children, a boy and a girl around the ages of 13 and 15.  I was impressed with how they try very hard to make a ‘normal’ life for themselves, even under the circumstances.  I was amazed at their attitude about the situation.    I’ve posted a link to the trailer for the segment posted on Youtube.  It’s not the entire segment…. but you’ll get the idea of how these people are dealing with their circumstances.  Listen to what this young lady says at around 2:15.  The actual link to the article below has a link within it for the entire segment.

I’m grateful I’m not in that position.  I’m grateful I have a wonderful home…… but I’m also grateful and encouraged by the courage of this young family and the optimism they have for a better future!  It’s inspiring to me and hopefully to others who may be in the same situation.  I guess the real question remains….. what can we do to help?  Perhaps that’s a good focus for our service to others this time of year.

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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