A Good Quality Iron

Does anyone really iron anymore?  I mean….. there are always a few things that need to be pressed, or freshened up…. but for the most part…. I really don’t iron much.

I don’t know about you….. but I remember a day when you had to iron everything!  My Mom would spend hours ironing!  We even had one of those fancy manglers was we called them.  They were big service ironing boards that had a large heated surface that came down over the piece you were ironing and pressed it all at once.  Think of it as a very large panni maker without the ridges.  More like a George Foreman grill I guess….   We even ironed our sheets and pillow cases!  And boy, talk about crisp creases!

Having a mangler was no a common thing.  I think we were probably one of the few on our block that had one.  I actually enjoyed using them.  At least for a few minutes… and then it made the house hot and it wasn’t much fun after that!  But I do remember having to iron most of my things.  Actually everyone’s when it was my turn to iron.

Thank heavens for permanent press fabrics!  It makes life much easier!  I really don’t do much ironing, as I already mentioned.  But, when I do…. it’s so nice to have a good iron.

My children will attest to you that I haven’t had a very good iron until recently.  Working at Cheesecake Factory, like two of my kids were doing for a while, it meant a constant washing of white clothes and aprons. (Why they require them to wear all white is beyond me!  Pretty impossible to keep looking clean while you’re working!)  They always needed to be neatly pressed too.  They couldn’t just wash and wear.  They were constantly complaining about how my iron was…. well, we’ll just say, not very good.

I’ve always wanted a Rowenta iron.  I’ve wanted one for years.  As a seamstress, (which I don’t do very often anymore…) I always wanted a good iron because it makes a huge difference in how your projects turn out.  Rowenta is one of the best and highly recommended by seamstresses everywhere.  We finally broke down and bought one several months ago.  Since then, my son has not complained about the iron.

I haven’t had many reasons to use the iron since I got it.  The other day, as I was getting my table set for Thanksgiving, I realized my nice napkins had never been pressed after they were washed the last time.  I remember trying to press them last year for Thanksgiving….  It seemed it took forever to make them look halfway decent.

Well…. this year…. with my new Rowenta iron, they were pressed in no time and looked better than they ever had!  It literally only took a few minutes to have all 10 napkins neatly pressed.  It was wonderful!  I’m so grateful to finally have a good quality iron!  It almost makes me want to do a sewing project just so I can use it to neatly press open those seams!  The operative word there is ‘almost’.  I’m sure when I have grandkids around, I may want to sew a little more than I do now.

I’m thankful for permanent press fabrics that don’t require a lot of pressing…. but when I do need to iron…. I’m grateful to have a good quality iron!

I am Grateful!  How are You?



2 Replies to “A Good Quality Iron”

  1. I just saw something special on the store during the weekend, I think it’s made for the winter, it’s like a big bag where you hang your clothes, but inside that big bag that hangs itself from a stand, hot air is getting inside that bag and it dries your clothes, I think the only thing that avoid me to buy it was the price! But it easier instead of using the iron…

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