I Learn From Others

I have been so grateful this last year for the things I have been learning from others….. whether it be in a conversation, in comments I read, in a newsletter or a blog….. I’ve been blessed to have my mind uplifted and had thought provoking things come to me.

Today I read the blog post of Valerie Robertson Ackley which she calls Og Invents Wheel and Other Wonders.  She has written a book for children called: What Are You Thinking? teaching children the power of their own thoughts.  I did  a post on it a while back.  You can see that here.

Because of this book, Valerie has the opportunity to meet many people at her book signings.  Many of them share stories with her which she in turn will often share on her blog.  Her recent post was very enlightening to me.  I was impressed with this woman who chatted with her at her last book signing and the story she shared.  She has had some pretty tragic things happen in her life, yet she has maintained an amazing attitude and has learn how important the power of words are.  Here’s an excerpt from Valerie’s post that I found particularly interesting:

“Our conversation began after she read through my book. She loved it and told me the concepts were true principles. Then she pointed to the word “Gratitude” on my marketing banner and said, “Do you realize there is a higher concept than Gratitude? There is a word you can use that will have a more powerful effect on your psyche than simply expressing “I am grateful” or “I am thankful”. I was completely unaware of what it would be. She said the word is “praise”. She suggested I try “I praise thee that……” the next time I want to express gratitude. She said I will be able to feel that it is a more powerful term. It expresses more clearly the trust we put in God as our master architect. It takes you one step beyond the gratitude level.”

Isn’t that an interesting thought?  It’s intrigued me to want to learn more about what kinds of words I use when I speak.  I’m not sure where to look to study that…. but I’m sure that now that I want to find out…. it will start appearing to me in my daily activities.  It’s one of those things that if you are aware of something, or want to know more…. you’ll be amazed at how that info can come to you in many ways.

This is just one of the many ways that I learn from others.  I’ve quoted very often in my posts things I’ve read in the newsletter I get from Meditations for Women.  I subscribe to several other newsletters that I find enlightening.

I love the fact that we can teach each other things.  It’s wonderful how someone can just say something that makes you think about things in a way you’ve never thought of before.  Words are powerful.  Words are enlightening.  Words are encouraging…. but words can be damaging too.

I’m grateful for all the friends I have made in my quest this year for personal development.  I’m grateful that I keep being introduced to others who can continue to enlighten me!  We will never know it all!  And, if we ever think we do….. we are wrong!  Just consider yourself a lifetime student and learn what you can from others!  The World is our campus!   (Where have I heard that before???)  🙂

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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