I’m not a big fan of auditions.  They can be vey nerve racking at times.  But it’s a process that has to be done when you want to be in a show!

One of the best parts of auditioning, however, is seeing theater friends that you’ve worked with or just know being in the theater world.  It’s like a reunion of sorts.

The bad thing about auditions is that you end up competing against your friends for the same part!  And it doesn’t always turn out the way you’d like for both of you.

Auditions are always a chance to grow.  To sharpen your skills or realize what you need to work on to improve.  It’s something I try to do with a good attitude.  I’ve certainly had disappointing results from auditions before …… And I’ve been upset about it too.  But I usually get over it in a day or two.  Auditioning is a time when our egos can really get the best of us.  We have our own ideas in our head of what the role should played like or look like and sometimes our vision isn’t what the director sees or wants.  That’s always the catch!

I was up against some talented ladies tonight for the same role.  Unfortunately, we all won’t get cast and it’s not a show where there are many other parts we could play….  but that’s the name of the game!  At least this is a theater that double casts so at least two of us will get the chance to play the part we auditioned for.

I’m always grateful for the process of auditions, even though I don’t necessarily look forward to the ‘being nervous’ part.  I’m grateful for the challenge and for being reminded at how many talented people there are out there!  It would be fun to be cast, but if I’m not…. I wish my friends well who do get it!

Even though we had to hang around till the very end tonight……  it was great fun visiting and we gave them a killer ending to their evening!  Way to go ladies!

I am Grateful!  How are You?



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