Singing for the Seniors

Have I mentioned how much I love to sing and perform?  I probably have….. but during this Christmas season…. I have to mention it again!

I love singing with my peeps… my girls…. my friends.  We have sung together since college and if I do say so myself….. we are pretty darn good!  We blend really well together, partially because we’ve sung together so long. We don’t seem to get to sing much together except at Christmas time, and then it’s not as much as we’d like to.  (It’s called marketing folks…. and we aren’t very good at it…. that needs to change!)

I love doing Christmas shows.  Christmas music is some of my very favorite music.  Tonight we sang for my Mom’s Assisted Living center.  Those little old people we so cute and gracious.  The amazing thing was that they sat there for an hour before we went on.  Most of their entertainment starts at 6 pm, so they just come out of the dining room and and sit in the lobby till the show starts.

Unfortunately…. we weren’t scheduled to start till 6:30 pm which means most of them had been sitting an hour when we started.  I could tell some of them were very tired, but they loved us so much last year, they knew they wanted to hang around.

I’ve just gotten so I love performing for those older folks!  They really are appreciative of what you do.  We had one cute little old fellow in the back tonight that if he hadn’t been confined to a wheel chair, I think he would have come on stage and started dancing with us!   He was adorable!  After our show I went over to talk to him and he didn’t want me to leave.  He wanted to get up and dance with me, but since that wasn’t’ a good idea….. I ‘danced’ with him while he was in the wheel chair.  We decided that someone needs to start a ballroom dance team with wheel chairs!  And he wants to be on it!  He was delightful!

Wow! I found out that there ARE groups that doing dancing in wheelchairs! Awesome!

Many of the other residents expressed their thanks to us too.  The little man we brought up on stage for Santa Baby had to tell a joke or two before we started the song and then came over afterwards to tell us more jokes!  So cute.  George, the man in the wheelchair, reminded me a little of my Dad with his cheerful happy attitude.  My Dad was a joker right up to the end.  Thanks for making me think of him George!

I’m grateful we have another chance to perform this coming Saturday during the Christmas season.  I just wish we had more shows!  I swear….. next year I’m going to market us and get some real ‘gigs’.  This used to be the time of year when we would have 15 or more performances in December.  Not that I want to be that busy now….. but 4 or 5 more would be ideal!  (Anyone looking for some great entertainment??) <grin>

I’m grateful for this Christmas season and for being able to share my talents with a few people.  I feel blessed to have that opportunity.  It’s something that I hope I can continue to do well into old age!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


I don’t know if this will work…. and it’s not a Christmas song…. but here’s me and my girls singing a Wilson Phillips song that was posted on my Facebook page.  I hope the link works.  You’ll have to copy and paste….  These were recorded during a live performance at the Mirage Hotel in the 90’s…. but I think we still sound this good or better singing together.

Here’s another one:

This is probably one of our tightest standards we do….


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